If only customer service was this easy

This is a sponsored review from BlogHer and Kenmore.

Am I so bored that I’m talking with my washer? Well, no, but my washer is talking to a Sears tech. Yup, you read right, my Kenmore washer and dryer communicates via phone to help the tech diagnose the problem through Kenmore Connect. Sure beats calling and waiting for a tech to arrive days later, especially with the amount of laundry we go through…..or worse yet….have a bored junior tech walk me through a troubleshooting script. I’m sure you’ve been through that with your computer! 😉

I sure wish Kenmore Connect was available on other things….like

….our entertainment system – “why does it take 5 remotes just to watch TV?”

….and our pet turtles – “why did you eat your tank mate, Speckles the harmless goldfish?”

….my AT&T service – “WHY CAN’T I GET *!@&$! SERVICE?????????”

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