Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Update + More Testers!

Steamy Kitchen Cookbook

I’m getting so close…I can smell it! So far, I’ve written 90 recipes and shot over 65 photographs…but I’m a little behind – and still have 30 more photographs and another 15 recipes to go.

I must give great thanks to a hardcore team of testers who have been relentlessly testing, suggesting and tweaking my recipes for the past couple of months. I’m sure by now, they are all Asian’d out at dinnertime! But big hugs and eternal thanks to Katherine, Susan, Phil, Susan, Daphne, Arlyn, Diana, Michael, Patsy, Shasta, Renee, Helen, Kim, Claudia, Regina, Silvia, Joon, Jaime, Susan, Joel, Richard, Bonni, Marion, Audrey, Carmen, Christine, Brian, Rory, Tina, FriedApplePie, Gail, Robin, Lexi, De Hendrix, Tauie, Danielle, Jennifer, Sarah, Ashley, Cindy, Lisa, Jeff, Owlhaven, Barry, Juliana, Madam Chow, Kathleen, Lynn, Sara, Sowjanya, DmOrtega, Melanie, Suganya, Patsy, Andrea, Wiffy, Margy, Patti, Ed, Valerie, Eneri, Marvin, Jude, Joel, Emily, Lynne, Sandy, Courtney, Will, Anne, Melissa, Shana, Micha, David, Nicola, Margy, Jim, Laura, Ric, Tiffanie, Claire, Betty, Thuy, Kindra, Xavier, Shasta, Patti, Foodiebear, Lauriel, Dickie, Cinzia, Li-Chia, Su-Eng, Jacqueline and Christina.

While the testers have done a fantastic job, I’m a little behind. I still have about 15 more recipes and another 25 photos to take. I will say that I totally underestimated how long it would take to write this book. I mean, I write on this blog twice a week and write for the newspaper weekly and it’s like no big deal. And you have to understand that I CRAVE spontaneity and loathe anything that has to do with deadlines, long term planning or being a responsible human being.

Let me tell ya, the ONLY hesitation I ever had with agreeing to write a cookbook was having this massive, dark cloud hanging over me called a deadline. Not just a regular “due by next Monday” thing, but a MASSIVE BEAST of a deadline called 18 month project.

Holly, my editor, has pretty much let me do my thing, checking in once in a while and staying quiet in the background. I’ve had nightmares that on that day of delivery, she takes one look and says, “A cookbook? Wait. You’re supposed to be writing a needlepoint and quilting book!”

Which, actually, might have been easier to write – “just stick yer needle in the cloth.” Oh but wait, what size needle? What length? How big of hole? In which direction? How much does the cloth weigh? What kind of threadcount? If I can’t find silk thread, what to substitute with?

Never mind, I’ll just stick with figuring out how to perfectly decribe in words how to cut a plum in wedges without saying, “slice 1/4″ to each side of the plum’s ass-crack.”

Seriously. If I say “plum ass-crack” don’t you immediately know what I mean? Shhhh…I might try to sneak that sentence in the book just for giggles.

Would you like to help test recipes?

So obviously, I’m behind schedule and there are a bunch of recipes that still haven’t been tested fully. If you’re interested in testing, I’d be forever grateful. What I’m looking is real recipe testing, meaning don’t look at my recipe and then just make your own thing. I need you to follow exact measurements and directions as it is written and give me feedback on the dish. That’s the only way I know if my scribbly scrabbly gobbly gook actually makes sense to people.

You’ll have to use your real name (sorry, no nicknames) when you register and try testing some of the newer recipes that I have posted.

Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Testing Site
(just click on the register link)

Please only register if you’re serious about testing at least 1 recipe, okay?



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