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PlanetBox Lunch Box

Giving away one PlanetBox stainless steel lunch box with tough canvas carry case – in your choice of colors and your choice of fun magnet sets to decorate the box. (Value $59.95)

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes Encourages Healthy Eating:

PlanetBox is designed to help parents pack a healthy lunch, and makes eating that lunch easy for kids. Here’s what parents say:

“Instead of fiddling with individual containers, my daughter spends her precious 10 minutes of lunch time actually eating her whole lunch.”

“PlanetBox lets my picky-eater son see all the food in front of him and pick and choose what he wants to eat.”

“The individual compartments help me pack a nutritious lunch – I can tell right away if I’ve forgotten to pack a vegetable or another food group.”

“PlanetBox helps us make more varied and interesting lunches and get the portions right.”

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes are Safe and Non-Toxic

PlanetBox is made of high quality, 300 and 400 series food-grade stainless steel — safe, non-toxic, non-leaching metals. Storing food in stainless steel is a better alternative to plastic, and has been used by other cultures for generations.

Questions still exist about the safety of storing food in plastic. Several research studies have found that dangerous chemicals in plastic can leach into food and beverages. These chemicals can be hazardous to our health.

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes are Designed for Kids and Parents

Inspired by the elegance of a Japanese Bento box but designed to fit Western tastes, PlanetBox will hold all your child’s favorite foods.

• Individual compartments make sure that foods do not “touch each other.” Sandwich compartment guarantees no more squished sandwiches.
• Plenty of room for fruits and veggies, as well as a little tasty treat.
• “Big and Little Dipper” containers for messy, wet foods like yogurt and dips.
• Super-cool magnets that kids love.
• Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

PlanetBox Lunch Boxes Eliminates Garbage

PlanetBox lets you pack a totally waste-free lunch, which lightens your environmental footprint on the planet.

While many people are used to the “convenience” of using single-use plastic baggies and containers, all that convenience can make 90 pounds of garbage per year, per kid!

All that garbage ends up in our oceans and landfills and contributes to more global warming gases, which threaten our children’s future.

Most plastic food containers claim to be recyclable even though they are made of resins that are not readily recyclable at your curbside. Your PlanetBox is truly 100% recyclable. We’re so committed we’ll even recycle it for you after years of good use!

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