Mommy Long Legs

Because both Scott and I work from home, we….errrr….*I* often don’t think too much about what I’m wearing, which kinda goes against everything that Dr. Phil says to do when lovers work together. But then again, I don’t even watch the big bufoon so I guess, never mind. Scott usually never says anything…and I say “usually” because the other day, he did.

“Clown socks.”

I must explain though.

My good jeans were dirty.

My fat jeans were dirty.

My skinny jeans don’t fit.

–> So, I wore my summer jeans.

The problem is, it’s winter, and despite living in sunny Florida where “it’s freeeeezing” means the thermometer has just dipped below 65F, it’s still cold to me. For some reason, Buddha gave me extremely sensitive skin, and any changes to temperature, even a minute quarter of a degree, I can feel the chill and need to cover up. It’s why I carry a wool shawl everywhere I go and a stow a snowsuit made for the weathering the tundra in the trunk of my car. Just in case I’m stuck in a movie theater with the air conditioning blasting air tunned from Antarctica, I’m covered. [sidenote: I have trouble pronouncing and saying “Antarctica” and had to copy-paste from wikipedia, the mother of all-knowing]

Not only did I have popsicle toes shivering mad, but looking down, I realized that *ahem* one item was left off my shopping list and despite not caring what clothes I wear at home, I do deeply care about smooth legs.

So, the solution to frigid toes AND to hide the rainforest growing from knee to ankle, I put on my clown socks that my friend and travel bud, Rachelle, and I bought the at LAX airport last year.

Even worse? They’ve got “HOLLYWOOD” in big white block letters stitched on the side of them. We have matching.


On a separate note, I do have to thank Scott for all the fab things he’s been tinkering with on the site – the new format allows me to post silly things that have nothing to do with food and I don’t want blaring on the front page. Because Steamy Kitchen is firstly a RECIPE blog — I didn’t want new readers coming along to think that this was a SOCK BLOG, especially when SlashFood just posted a poll asking readers Who’s the Hottest Female in Food and I was one of their finalists, along with hotties Nigella, Padma.

There’s no way that Clown Socks would win.

Though, last year, I was also a finalist. For the record, I don’t know how to feel about that. I’m torn.

“Yay! I’m hot!” 🙂  “….and I beat Paula Deen by a smidgen!” 🙁

EDIT: oh sh*t….I’ve been crowned for 2011! Can you handle all this hotness?!!! I don’t think I can…..I only have ONE pair of Clown Socks.