Giveaway: iWaveCube Microwave

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The iWavecube is the world’s smallest microwave yet boasts 600-watt of
power. It’s so small and light, there’s even a handle on it. The patented iWavecube measures 10-1/2-inch wide by 12-inch high by 10-inch deep.

By taking up less than one cubic foot of space and weighing only
12-pound, you can put the portable iWavecube anywhere in your home
including the family room, or the sacred “Man Cave”. It’s extremely
quiet. In only a few minutes, the iWavecube zaps popcorn, coffee, soup,
and pocket sandwiches.

The iWavecube is small and light enough to be called the world’s first personal microwave, which means that you decide when, where, and how you want to use microwave power, which makes the iWavecube the most versatile appliance ever made.

If you have a small kitchen or need microwave power on a boat, camper or RV, the iWavecube
makes the most of limited space. For yourself, a family member of a BFF,
the iWavecube is a great gift anytime of the year.

For sale at Office Depot $99.00

See iWaveCube website.

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