Version 28.4.6

I’ve just finished Version 28.4.6 of my book proposal. Done. No more. I’m writed out. Why so many versions and why this silly little numbering system? I’ve written the entire document in Adobe In Design. I’ve had this Adobe program that specializes in publishing documents for 3 years now. I’ve never once used it before until now. I think I was under the influence of kimchi when I decided to transfer everything over to In Design. So I’m learning In Design on the fly, saving every 3.2 minutes because I was afraid I’d lose this Very Important Document using this !#*!)#@ program that doesn’t have a robust “Undo” feature and is driving me absolutely nuts. I need more kimchi.

My agent copyedited my proposal and murdered all my run-on sentences, which prompted this Facebook update:

And then my friends jump in to save the day:


Tweets of the week proving once again, I win the parent of the year award.


Went out to the garden just now and plucked these:

1 little, 2 little, 3 little shishitos…..

They are Japanese shishito peppers, wonderful grilled. But how come my are so tiny??? They’re normally 3-4″ long.  Shishito runts.


Date: February 3, 5:43pm
Restaurant: Todd English’s Bonfire Restaurant
Location: JFK airport in New York near Terminal 2
Item on Menu That I Couldn’t Resist: Fried Chicharrones
Wins: Most Nasty Looking Pork Dish in the World Award

The crispy fried pork chicharrones was smothered in some sweet green sauce. I don’t even remember what the yellow stuff was. It didn’t taste like cheese, it didn’t taste like mustard. Entire thing sitting on bed of lettuce in a cast iron pan.

Here, maybe a different angle will make it look better:

huh. nope.