Boys at Play

Hi friends,

This has been quite an emotional week, with the boys home for Spring Break, Scott and I had to sit them down and explain to them what happens in a natural disaster (no, God is not mad), where do all the people go swept out to sea and encourage them to think about really how precious their lives are. My heart goes out to the Japanese community, it will be a long road ahead to recovery.

It’s also forced us to think about our “emergency kit” at home – normally, we don’t really worry about this until hurricane season in the Fall. But disaster could strike any time and I need to be prepared and think through every scenario – especially since we have these two kidlets to teach.

It just so happens that I had posted a Sport Berkey Water Purifier giveaway just days before the Japanese tragedy. I can’t stress enough how important it is to either have emergency drinking water or a way to filter water to make it safe for consumption. For $29 for each Sport Berkey, it’s an inexpensive investment to have peace of mind. I don’t make a single penny off of these sales, in fact, a very very small company owned by Elma Schrock is a reseller and she’s amazing. I’m happy to support her, especially knowing that this $29 product may save lives.

We now keep one in our car and one in our emergency box.

Well, despite the tragedy engulfing Japan, we managed to fill our Spring Break with things that little boys like to do: mini golf, children’s museum, bike riding, making silly putty (the boys will make their debut post walking you step by step coming soon). I think we made the world’s first Velveeta-colored vat of silly putty.


Gardening for little boys does NOT mean tending to tomatoes. It means growing plants that resemble eyeballs, plants that bleed and carnivorous, vicious bug-eating plants.

The boys: “It’s cool mom!”
Me: “I wonder how they’d taste sauteed with garlic?”




I woke up one morning to find posters taped up all over the house. Here was one of them:

Apparently one brother served the other brother a STOP FARTING notice.

And that pretty much sums up our week.