(clap clap) Makeup Please!

Wow wow wow….let me tell you about my day before I let it allllll get to my head…

ahhhh crap.

too late! (hee hee!)

Let me start off by confessing.  I was so crazy rushed this morning that I (gulp) let my kids choose their breakfast of choice from the “breakfast cabinet” without watching.  While I was in the bathroom doing my hair and beautifying myself with a mud mask, they ditched the breakfast cabinet, (normally filled with cereal, oatmeal and breakfast bars) and took advantage of the fact that I had a mud mask on.

In case you’ve never tried putting on a mud mask, let me tell you that after 5 minutes, that mud hardens to the consistency of concrete mixed with superglue.  I can’t move my facial muscles because a) I can’t   b) if I tried too hard, the mud cracks and creates permanent creases that harden on my face, thereby doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I need.

Well, my kids are smart.

They know that when Mom puts on a mud mask and looks like Jabba the Hut She can’t move her cheeks, can’t talk, scold, yell or say “NO!” especially when you sneak in the CANDY DRAWER for breakfast instead of the breakfast cabinet. I think they got through 3 mini Snickers bars + 1 bag of Shrek gummies + 4 Hershey’s kisses EACH.

Yeah. I know. I felt sorry for their teachers at daycare too.

After dropping the kids off at school, my day as the Supa’star began (or as my son says, “Stupid-star”).  First my husband and I had an interview with the Tampa Bay Business Journal for our company,  Digital Doctors, The hour-long interview was phenomenal. We talked about business strategy, our very fast growth and thank goodness that we didn’t name our company something stupid like “VCR Doctors”

Next stop for me was The Tampa Tribune where Food Editor Jeff Houck interviewed me about this here baby blog, food photography, teaching cooking classes and where might this little food adventure might take me.  Jeff was so incredibly fun to chat with – he casually mentions, “a couple of weeks ago I interviewed Paula Deen in person” (me: gaaagaaagaagaa) and then even more casually…as casual as you would describe what you ate for lunch, “oh and after interviewing you, I’m interviewing Iron Chef Cat Cora.” (me: dropping to my knees and wishing that I could just hide in his shirt pocket just for a week….pllleeeeeaaaazzz?!?! But feeling very fortunate that I’m a Paula Deen-Cat Cora SANDWICH).

Driving home in the heavy rain, my phone rang and it was a reporter from Wall Street Journal, Chicago Bureau.  Foie Gras has recently been banned, and they wanted to interview me for the Shitake & Cognac “Faux” Gras which is a great poor banned man’s substitute……while not the real thing, still really really really good and it sure beats having an arrest record that says, “Foie Gras Felony.”  Photo and recipe being emailed to reporter tonight.

I came home and made Zuni Cafe’s Roast Chicken via  the lovely Veronica. While the chicken was (@*$&(*!&%! good, my photographs of the roast chicken were not…..so (sigh) the dish is not bloggable.

Really. Trust me.  You DON’T want to see this borderline pornagraphic photo of a split roasted chicken in full frame.  Note to self: chicken with legs spread wide open just is not photogenic. I think it was Confucious that said, “Chicken should be more lady-like and keep legs closed.”

Whew. What a day.  In conclusion, my dear friends, I need your help. The food writer from The Tampa Tribune and a staff photographer are coming over to my home this Friday to see me in action – cooking, plating and photography-ing my food.  They’ll stay for supper too.

What shall I cook? Place your votes in the comments!  I’m looking for a Modern Asian (fast, fresh simple) dish + mind-blowingly delicious + drool-worthy photogenic dish (i.e. the split roasted chicken-ho wouldn’t cut it)

(A) Korean BBQ:
This is always, always the crowd favorite because its fun to eat with the tabletop grill.

(B) Firecracker Shrimp 
+ nice little dim sum dinner (dim sum is my speciality and I make my Mom’s Famous Egg Rolls)

(C) Baby Back Ribs with Asian Orange-Ginger Glaze
(which is my personal favorite flavor-wise…its finger-licking, fall-off-the-bone crazy yummy)

(D) A little “Chino Latino” going on: Asian Spiced Shrimp Tacos with Mango-Melon Salsa (which I haven’t blogged about yet…yes, one of my 47 drafts)

Or should I just play spin the blog and make whatever my mouse lands on?