Giveaway: Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Kaldi Machine

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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Kaldi Machine

I recently had a chance to demo the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Kaldi single cup machine. Every year for Christmas, there’s always one thing on my list to Santa – a few bags of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee beans. When I used to live in the city, there was a CBTL within walking distance of the office — I have so many memories of chilly San Francisco mornings, being warmed by a cup of their signature coffee.

Their new machine is sleek (looks like a sports car!) and produces the perfect espresso, coffee, tea and other specialty beverages. They capsules include many different coffee roasts: Viennese roast (my favorite), French, House and House Decaf.  Espresso capsules include Italian, Premium, Premium Decaf and Continental.

I had never tried their teas until now (wasn’t a tea drinker until just 4 months ago!) and am in love with their Chai blend. Other tea blends include English Breakfast, Tropical Passion and Moroccan Mint.

This Christmas, I’ll be asking for cartridges instead of beans instead!


Sleek design meets vibrant color. With its smooth curves and gleaming
metallics, the Kaldi’s streamlined looks match its ease of use – and its
innovative one-touch technology delivers perfection in every cup.

  • Automatic proportioning ensures consistency in taste and aroma
  • Twin pressure system provides high pressure (15 bar) for espresso or low pressure (3.5 bar) for coffee and tea
  • Accommodates a variety of cup sizes
  • Colors: Metallic Red, Metallic Blue/Silver, Metallic White/Silver

Perfectly sized for a perfect cup

Each capsule contains The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® hand-selected premium coffees and hand-plucked whole leaf teas grown on
the world’s best coffee and tea estates. To lock in these delicate aroma
and flavor characteristics, every serving of espresso, coffee and tea
is freshness-sealed. And each espresso capsule, coffee capsule and tea
capsule features an internal two-filter system to ensure evenly balanced extraction and optimal flavor.
Every beverage you make at home with the CBTL™ System is full of the authentic taste and aroma that you savor at The Coffee Bean & Tea
Leaf® stores.



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