WrightFood Food Photography Manual

My friend Matt Wright of Wright Food is one of the best self-taught food photographers I know – his seafood shots are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

matt wright

He’s a charcuterie fanatic (one day I hope he has a chance to write his own charcuterie cookbook)


Matt has just launched a self-published Food Photography Manual that includes some of his very favorite photos with illustrations on lighting and equipment setup. All profit goes to the relief effort in Japan. If you’re interested in food photography how-to, I hope you consider getting a copy of this book.

Here’s the book, in his words:

I wrote a short book on food photography. It covers everything you need to know to get yourself taking great food photos in your house. Examples of how to use scrims, bounce cards, natural light, artificial light. Everything to get you going.

I wanted it to be more than that though. So, what I did was include a bunch of examples. On one full page you see the food photo I took and on the page next to it you get a detailed description of the setup, along with an illustration I did showing exactly how the scene was setup. Where the light was coming from. Where the bounces are. Where the camera is – AND WHY.

There are examples for both natural and artificial light. I talk about lenses, cameras, tripods all that good stuff. I even give advice on composition, scene setup and all that stuff.

By the time you finish this short book, I want you to be able to take really great shots of your awesome food at home. No studio stuff, just a camera and some light, and a few doodads that you can buy at an art supply store.

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