Feeding Frenzy

A couple of months ago, when we first saw the property for the first time, the only thing that mattered to me was, ” There’s a fishing hole!! Is there fish in it??”

I pretty much imagined us catching our dinner every night, daydreamed about sweet blue gill, fat bass and singing catfish fillets. We never really saw any fish in either pond the next 4 times we visited the house prior to closing, and each time my hopes of casting for dinner dimished.

After we moved in, I took a lesson from our friends, Charlie and Patsy, who have a fishing pond of their own and have harvested catfish the size of my couch. They fed their fish! So off to the the tractor supply & feed store we went and bought 50 pounds of catfish feed.

The first day of feeding, nothing.

The second day, nothing.

The third day, a couple of visitors.

Fourth day, more.

By the fifth day, the fish were coming fast and furious the moment the food we flung into the pond left our fingers and even before the pellets hit the water (I’m convinced that they have a water snake who’s on lookout duty).

And they began coming, hundreds and hundreds of them.

The small 6″ bluegill would dart in and out. The tilapia would travel in groups (sleek swimmers, they are!) and would chase the bluegill away.

Then the big mack-daddy carp would come. The mere presence of the carp would scare the tilapia and bluegill away! These guys are about the size of my leg. All they’d have to do is open their mouths, swim at the surface and scoop up food like a net. (I wonder what carp tastes like….I’ve never had one and I’ve never heard of anyone enjoying filet of carp. Anyone???)

The first day that we moved, we released Soup and Scotch our pet aquatic turtles┬áinto the pond – they’re both about the size of a lens-cap (yeah, only a photographer-geek would make that comparison, huh?)

And we spotted both of them in happily sunbathing in the pond! See? Here’s Scotch!

Okay, closer look….

At the other pond in front of our house, we haven’t been able to see any big fish yet.

But if you throw a piece of bread in the pond near the edge, you’ll see gazillions of small mosquito fish attack the bread! These lil’ guys will stay little and eat the larvae of mosquitos. Love ’em, can’t live without ’em. I’ll feed them bread every single day if they keep the mosquitos away.

Unfortunately, a certain someone likes to try to catch them and eat them.

Who, ME?!

Since it’s been raining about 30 minutes every single day, pretty lavender colored wildflowers have popped up.

We like those too.