When we lived in San Francisco, our “lawn” in the front yard was the size of a closet, a small one at that. The backyard didn’t have a lawn, thank goodness, because there was no direct way to go from front yard to back yard without going up stairs, into the house and down a looong, dangerous set of stars that we’d call the walk of death.

Our previous house had a larger lawn, but mowing it meant you were on constant alligator watch and maintaining the lawn meant 3 hours of pushing a mower in the hot sun. It was big enough to take a chunk of our weekend away but too small to justify a ride-on mower. So, we hired a crew to come weekly to do their thing. Back then, we were so busy that both of us were working on the weekends as well, and any free time was dedicated to the kids.

Here, on the farm with Scott decided it was time to take back the duty and do it right – and teach the kids how to help him. I’m no use doing lawn work – grass doesn’t thrill me (but wild flowers, fruit trees and a massive garden do!) it’s pretty to look at but wow does it take up so much water, energy to maintain. I’d rather just look at OPL (other people’s lawns)!!! Since we don’t work on the weekends anymore, I reluctantly agreed.

For the past couple of weeks, Scott has been doing homework and getting the low-down on ride-on mowers from our good buddy who owns a landscaping service, Mike, who’s so generously came to rescue our lawn.

Since we’ve moved in, it’s been raining every single day, just 30 minutes, but combined with hot-happy-sunshine, the lawn was literally up to my armpits. We know Mike from Tae Kwon Do – he and Scott travel to go to tournaments together and as a black belt, he’s been mentoring Scott as they compete.

I heart Mike. Such a good guy for saving us from having to carry a sythe just to go get the mail.

After scouring Craigslist for mowers, we found a local family-run company and owner, Lonnie, who convinced my husband to go with a smaller but more powerful mower. And then delivered it the same day.

It’s shiny, new, red.

It’s got a bad-ass sounding name.

For a mower that almost cost as much as car, I was expecting a little more than this in the engine:

Maybe some bling – we definitely need to bedazzle the sides or something.

Me, not impressed yet. I’d rather get RID of the lawn. I would rather him buy a tractor and one of those things you tow in back with rotating teeth thingy (yes, that’s exactly how much I know about farming – LOL)

That is, until I jumped on and took it for a spin.

Holy blade cutting! It’s FAST and nimble! You could do wheelies with this thing!

Now it was time to teach the kids.

Nathan first:

WAIT! Where you going????

Come back here!

Right this minute!

Mail delivery, Madam!

After a couple of runs with Scott, Andrew wanted to go on his own. I made him promise that he’d do the lawn every week.

He agreed. My baby isn’t even tall enough for his feet to touch!

Uh oh. Maybe a bad idea. In fact, the only other time he’s driven a vehicle by himself is at Disney’s kiddie bumper car rides.

That’s when it hit me.




No words are needed for how he felt after this little joyride…..

It took me 13 minutes before I could breathe normally again and to reel back in my freaking, thumping heart.

And we ended the lesson with VERY. STERN. RULES. and lots of “yes, sir’s” from the kids signaling that they understood the responsibility and danger of this machine.

As for me, I’m still searching Craigslist for “rotating teeth thingy.”