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Happy November!

I hope you had an excellent (and spooky) weekend!

I had a very relaxing Halloween weekend as both of my boys now are at the age where they are “tool cool” to dress up – anyone else?!

So rather than any trick or treating activities, I invited my family over for a Sunday dinner! It was great to cook all evening, and have them over for some good food and quality time to catch up with each other.

Speaking of family dinners… as we enter November we also enter the season of… FOOD!

With the holiday season approaching, we are excited to share with you all of our best tips for loving your leftovers and reducing food waste in a fun way!

Here is what to look forward to this month:

1. Love Your Leftover Holiday Recipes!

As you may know, last year I was extremely passionate about helping us, as the Steamy Kitchen community, to lessen our food waste with exciting ways to revamp leftovers, practice reverse meal planning and use flexible recipes like Buddha Bowls!

We will be sharing our favorite recipes with you and giving you tons of inspiration and resources to embrace all of those leftovers this holiday season!

2. Sharing Gratitude All Month Long!

Did you know that November is Gratitude Month?

Gratitude has been shown to contribute to an overall sense of well-being and it is something that I have talked about alot this year!

While Thanksgiving Day generally focuses on gratefulness, we’re expanding the concept to the beginning of each week in November! Make sure to be following along on our Facebook Page to get our best tips for practicing gratitude this month and beyond!

Did you see that we launched 3 Effy Jewelry giveaways last week? If you would like to learn about our Effy story head to the first giveaway to enter!

Enter the First Ultimate Sparkle Day Giveaway here.

We also have a brand new memory game – the Fall Favorites Edition live on the site! Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo for this memory game!

Click here to play and see our communities Fall Favorite Photos!

Leave us a comment on this game to let us know what theme you want to see for our next memory game edition!

Recipe of the Week:

Ribeye Cap Steak – One Pan Dinner For Two

Looking for a cozy and comforting date night meal?
This is a decadent, romantic meal for two that only takes 40 minutes, start to finish, and only uses one pan!
Easy to cook and easy to clean up…because your time is better spent together rather than cooking and cleaning in the kitchen!

Jaden’s Weekly Tip:

Repurpose Your Pizza Cutter

Many people invest in a pizza cutter for one purpose – to cut pizza of course!

But what if we told you this is an incredibly handy tool for so many more uses!

Use it to slice up tortillas for homemade nachos, slice homemade noodle dough into strips, cut up pancakes into bite sized pieces for your little ones, slice up quesadillas or sandwiches! We love using our pizza cutter beyond just pizza!

What is your go to pizza cutter hack? Let us know on our SK Facebook Page!


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With that, I hope you have an incredible week and here is your reminder to call someone you love and spread gratitude this week!
With love,