Fun Finds

1. Sweet as Honey Housewarming Party from Paper and Pigtails Party
2. Fluffy Pancakes with Coconut, Qlin Art
3. The most perfect cheese platter, Whole Foods

Le Gruyere Reserve-Grandcour Dairy Aged 12 months: The history of Le Gruyere dates back to 1249.  Produced in Switzerland in the canton (state) of Vaud, WFM has hand selected the Grandcour Dairy to produce this specially aged reserve cheese that is minimally aged 10 months.  The  15 dairies that supply milk to the dairy average herd size is 25 cows.  The cooked, pressed cheese is nutty, creamy and complex.  Serve with fresh fruit and dry white wine.

Bonhomme Brie: The region of Normandy is renowned for high quality milk production.  Located on the northern coast of France, Isigny Ste. Mere is owned by a farmer’s cooperative. A leader in cheese production, our brie is creamy and luscious.  The double cream cheese is 60% butterfat that results in the rich buttery flavors.

Borough Market Stilton: Traditionally produced by the leading Stilton cheesemaker Billy Kevan, this beautiful cow’s milk blue has blue-green-gray veins. This is a crumbly, deliciously creamy cheese that pairs perfectly with honey and walnuts.

Hervé Mons Camembert: Hervé Mons Camembert is a strong, earthy, creamy little piece of heaven with a bloomy white rind. (Note: Hervé Mons is one of the most well respected French affineurs, who selects Camembert exclusively for Whole Foods Market then oversees the aging process.)

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