Singing with Jewel and David Tutera

Wow. Just after typing the post title, “Singing with Jewel and David Tutera”, I had to re-read and say, “REALLY!? Did this really happen!?” PINCH PINCH PINCH!!!!

Well, technically yes, I really did share a song with them.

However, we were singing in squeaky, nasal, high-pitched voices like elves, wore gyrating elf hats and danced like fools. Well, David and I danced like fools….while Jewel just kinda looked at us like we drank a little too much eggnog. I know you’re going to ask for a video. Let me first gather my courage and maybe, just maybe I’ll post the video at the end of this post.

So what brought me together with these superstars, other than they couldn’t find anyone else dorky enough to sing like an elf?! Well, Hallmark asked singer Jewel, wedding guru David Tutera and me to hang out for the day and share some holiday ideas at Jewel’s ranch in Texas. PINCH! PINCH! PINCH!!

I brought along my friend, Wendy, as a chaperone to make sure I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself in front of 2 A-listers. It’s certainly debatable whether or not Wendy kept me in line. I’m sort of unpredictable and uncontrollable – just ask my mom.

We arrived in Stephensville the night before and headed over to Jewel and Ty’s 2,000+ acre ranch (yes, we got lost) in the morning. First up was hair and makeup with Lorena Lopez, or “Lo” as she likes to be called. Lo was Jewel’s makeup artists for the AMA’s last year and is one of her regular stylists.

Holy Truffle Balls. Jewel’s makeup artist is going to do me.

The first thing I said to Lo? “Wow, you look like Angelina Jolie and I’m not saying that to just flatter you so you can be nice to me and make me look prettier but you really really really do look like a rock star version of her but better, much better….okay I’ll shut up now.”

All of her tools and makeup didn’t fit on the counter, there was an entire suitcase full of more makeup and hair stuff on the floor. Yes, it took all this stuff and 2 hours to make me look glam.

Though when I spied this kit from Makeup Forever, I had to make sure with the producers that they didn’t hire me to be the rodeo clown.

After makeup was hair, change of clothes, jewelry and…..LOTS OF CAFFEINE.

No, he’s not checking out my rear, he’s snaking the microphone up my shirt.

We filmed at Jewel’s guest house and recording studio, lots of gear everywhere and I had to resist pushing buttons and pulling levers on stuff.

When I finally got to meet Jewel, we had only a couple of minutes of getting to know each other before Lights! Camera! Action!

Quite intimidating, I must say….standing next to Jewel, who just had a baby and looks amazing with 5 cameras pointing, loud hot lights, producers watching on a separate monitor, makeup and hair people hovering and doing touchups and trying to remember what we were going to talk about!

It was all so much fun – we didn’t have a script and instead just chatted like old friends. The three of us really clicked instantly – I mean, how could you not love this man?!!!

Awesome day. One of the best days ever. After we filmed, David, myself and the Hallmark crew went to the local hospital to donate the Christmas tree, tons of presents and got to meet the hospital staff.  Lots of love all around!

All of our videos can be seen on Hallmark’s Facebook page¬† – David share with Jewel decorating tips; Jewel and I talk about kitchen tips.

But I know you’re waiting for this….here we go….(shielding my eyes and Ctrl-V the video embed code)