Yay for truffles and Marx Foods (vote for me will ya?)

I might just hurl the Wii remote at the television

Because right now as I type on the couch, Scott is playing this war game called Call of Duty. I bet a duck liver that the production team for this game had a sound budget of $100, because the ONLY sounds that are coming from the t.v. NO MATTER WHAT ACTION YOU TAKEĀ  are either cussing, bang-bang of a machine gun and the occasional “uuaaagggghhhh……” followed by a plop of dead bodies hitting the ground. NON FREEAAAAKING STOP.

It’s been going on for the past 3 nights and Scott’s totally into this game. Oh I hate this game.

And I’m going to have a nervous breakdown if I don’t focus on happy happy happy living thoughts.

So here’s an awesome thought to drown out the gory game.


First place is $400 gift certif to Marx Foods. Please, for the sake of my sanity, VOTE FOR ME. With $400, I can finally splurge and buy like two fresh Italian black truffles.

Scott hates the smell of truffles.


And of course a yay for you!

And don’t forget to enter the Steamy Kitchen Big Holiday Giveaway – I got some totally cool prizes that I’m giving to YOU!

Oh I’m feeling better already.