I’m a cold-weather wuss

I’ve been scouring the online stores for winter clothes and the shipping boxes by the front door is piling high crazy fast. Another two boxes just came in and the now it seems that the game of Jenga is quite the theme of the month. The boxes have remained unopened, because thick, heavy winter clothes take up so much space that I do not have in my drawers or closets. We’re still in our shorts and flip flop weather here in Tampa (I know, groan).

This is all in preparation for a little family vacation to Oklahoma, where I can bet it’s not shorts and flip-flop 85-degrees warm. We’re headed off to celebrate the pre-holidays with my good friend, Elise and this little blogger you might have heard of and her family at the ranch.

Nuggets of free time have been spent on knitting scarves, hats and cowls for the family and also to give as presents. If I’m not cooking, typing, texting, or photographing, most likely my hands are deftly crafting something warm and fuzzy for the trip.

As you can probably tell, I’m a wuss when it comes to cold and next year, I will vote for spending December together here in Florida! The three of us haven’t been together in the same city for a while now, and I’ve missed them terribly. Ree promised Christmas caroling, cookies and spiked hot chocolate.