Menu For Hope: Dear Santa Edition

menu for hope

A quiet place to eat…a boy in Lesotho and children at school in Lesotho. Pics from Chez Pim – here are the rest of the series of photos.

Pimpin’ Out Prizes

As of Monday morning, we’ve surpassed $20,000! Still a long ways to go to catch up to last year’s record number of $91,000, so I’m pimping out some of my favorite prizes that I’d like to win from the master list of prizes.

While feeding hungry children is a serious matter and shouldn’t be above coveting material things, my lusty, greedy eyes go ga-ga when it comes to something beee-u-tee-ful like this prize…

New West Knifeworks – custom chef’s knife of your choice (UE01)

It’s always about the knife….unless there is ice cream involved and David Lebovitz is behind it

UW05: Cuisinart ICE-50 Ice Cream Maker. Well, if you win, you get the ice cream maker, David not included. Which hmmm…I wonder what would get more bids? The ice cream maker or a date with David? Dear Santa, please wrap David up and send him down the chimney.

I want to be a responsible member of society, but Santa, those 99 cent resuable grocery bags are damn ugly. But a few of these Rume bags:

UE25, UE26: Set of 3 RuMe Reusable Grocery Bags (two prizes) would totally make the envy of the produce aisle.

I’ll be mighty jealous of whoever wins this next prize…UW01: Master Food Styling Class – a 2 day seminar from the pros! Also, any excuse to hang out with Matt of Matt Bites!

These lights have saved my ass sooo many times! When I’ve got to take that photo of a dish and its pitch black outside, I use these UW10: Set of Lowel EGO Photo Lights. I own three of these lights but mainly use 2 (the third is my backup) and gotta tell you they are FANTASTICO!

I was going to be so selfish and not even mention the prize that I most want the UE41: Hotel Costes: The Collector’s Box cuz I wanted to win this one myself! But in case I don’t…Santa, baby, I’ve been so good this year and I really love the sensual, groovin’ music that is perfect for a sexyilcious dinner date with my husband.

Free coffee for a year?! UW21: Free coffee for a year at Lulu’s at the Octagon in Santa Cruz, CA. Oh you lucky fine citizens of Seattle…Seattonians?…Seattleans?…Seattlelenos?….Seattle-ers? What the heck is the right word?

I. LOVE. LAMB. Which is why I’ll be buying several tickets for UW27: One rack of free range Colorado grown lamb produced by Double Ewe of Cimarron, Colorado – these are not just free range, it’s open range.

And I. LOVE. STEAKS. EVEN. MORE. gimmegimmeegimmeee! host your own Artisan Steak Tasting Party with UW32: 8 Rib Eye steaks from Oliver Ranch Company

Oh, did I mention I have a steak obsession? Cuz Wagyu beef just totally ROCKS. UE40: Wagyu Beef Package

And then after all the meat, I’ll need AP03: 6 weeks of personal food and nutrition planning

So, those are my favorite prizes, what’s yours? Here’s the master list! Or if you know what you’d like to bid on, head over to First Giving now!

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