Fishs Eddy Love

A couple of years ago, I met up with buds David Lebovitz, Elise BauerMatt Armendariz & Adam in NYC….I can’t exactly remember why we were there….but I do remember the Korean fried chicken, donuts and shopping at Fishs Eddy.

Fishs Eddy is paradise for inexpensive dinnerware and glassware, i.e. a candystore for food bloggers. By the way, window prop-shopping with Matt & Adam? Awesome. Except you want to buy everything. EVERYTHING. Whatever either one of them touched, I immediately took a photo of it.

Since I only brought a carry on bag to NYC, there was no-touchy only looky wishy for me.

Last week after reorganizing my dishes for the shoot, I remembered there were a few pieces from Fishs Eddy that I wanted to order, so I hopped onto their online store.

For food photography, dinner plates can be tricky. The standard 12-inch plate is a little too big – so much space to fill and there’s just too much going on for my style, so I use salad plates or ideally, 8-10″ plates.

They have every color you’d ever want in 8.5″ size, the ones with scalloped edges are gorgeous.

Giant shallow bowls – too big for food photography but work great for serving pasta

Whites with very pretty textures

and small glassware perfect for food photography – I’m always looking for small glassware because they fit better in a shot.

A fun small 6″ skillet shaped plate

Love Jadeite? So do I. But they’re expensive. Fishs Eddy is selling Jadeite-like products, not quite as gorgeous and transluscent as the real thing, but it’s American-made, durable and lovely.

These little colorful babies come in a set of 8 and are a couple of inches wide.

How can you shop at a store called Fishs Eddy and not buy fishy flatware?

I know you want to ask….”What’s up with the name Fishs Eddy?” (I did)