Call for Cookbook Testers!

Wow. After a year of developing recipes, testing, writing, styling and photographing, we’re ready for recipe testing! A couple of years ago, when I asked for help from readers to test recipes from my first book, I think close to 175 people responded enthusiastically and participated — just simply amazing!

This time, instead of 175 testers, I think we’ll go with a less ambitious number, maybe about 20 testers, just to make it a little easier to manage….since….um…..I’m a little late on my deadline eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!! <– that’s me freaking out a little bit.

Adam and Joanne will be helping me manage the process, as we all know my management and organizational skills are quite lacking. Buddha gave me awesome superpowers in cooking, not staying on top of things (hence the missed deadline).

Anyways, the second Steamy Kitchen cookbook will still be all about easy Asian recipes, but new! different! and healthier! than my first cookbook. Our timeline for testing begins now and ends March 20, 2012, so we’ve got a solid 20 days.

While it’s not a paid gig, I can definitely include your name in the book and¬†forever owe you my eternal love and gratitude.

UPDATE: Since posting we have chosen 50 enthusiastic recipe testers and we are excited to get going on those recipes.