Modern Indian Cookbook + Pregnant???

Thank you for entering the drawing for Chef Hari and Chef Vikas (my god, how could you not love those two handsome faces! swoon! click on their links and see their videos on, an AWESOME site for cooking enthusiasts)

cookbook called Modern Indian

The winners are…..

Sig of Live to Eat

TBC of The Budding Cook

the bonus winner from my Creative Loafing food column is…..

Jane Radstrom

Congratulations winners! Email me at jaden (at) with your full name and address. I’ll forward to Chef Hari and he will send to you directly. If you want the book dedicated, give me the name of the dedication as well. (It would make a nice Xmas present…if you are willing to part with it, that is!)


Oh yeah. One more thing….

Thank you for all your recent emails and comments of congratulations. But I’d like to clarify that my previous posting of this photo: is NOT a sign of pregnancy.

OMG. Do you think I really need another one of these:

Do you know what that is???  That’s called $10,000 of future therapy bills right there.
(yes, he REALLY did run around the house screaming “BUNGHOLIO!!!!”)

Shoot me in the head with burnt caramel already. Scott got snipped shortly after the birth of Nathan, so if I were to EVER get pregnant, I cannot even begin to tell you how deep the shit I’d be wading drowning in.


Making these tonight:

Rolo Turtle Pretzels