Perks is a strange sounding word

On the rooftop of Hotel Erwin on Venice beach

One perk of having your own business is being able to combine a biz trip with a mini vacation. I feel a bit sneaky sometimes, how can I call hanging out on the beach, “work”?! Last week Scott and I took off for a few days to meet with my friends at [](, who run the [Steamy Kitchen Store]( business for us.

The kids stayed home. The dog watched the kids, the kids watched the hens, the hens watched the baby chicks and the baby chicks DESTROYED my kale and fennel in the garden. Oh yes, a nanny fit in there somewhere too.

Scott and I stayed on Venice beach, well at a hotel on the beach – there are some strange people who stay on the beach in Venice, We took a walk at 9am and I swear half the beach bums were either drunk or high on something other than life.

I’m off again today, typing this at 25,000 ft, flying above the Rocky Mountains headed to Seattle to deliver one of the keynote speeches at BlogHer Food conference and to throw a smashin’ party with BlogHer and my gals, Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes and Ree Drummond a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman. The three of us tend to throw very big parties whenever we are together. Once, we had a very small party, but that’s rare.

I love Seattle, it’s one of my favorite food cities, on the list right after NYC and before Portland. I had Los Angeles on the top 5, but my parents moved away a couple of years ago (that’s a nod to my mom’s cooking) replaced by Las Vegas, where they live now. We’ll take the kids there later this summer en route to spend a few days playing at Canyons Resort in Utah, where I’m speaking at evo ’12 conference for the first time. See, there we go again, combining biz trips with vacation.

Which brings me to my point, if you’ve ever wanted to start your own at-home business DO IT NOW! My buddy, Chris Guillebeau’s new book, $100 Startup, debuted on the New York Times bestseller list last week and rose to #6 last week. It’s also #3 on both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. A small, nimble and lean small business has lots of perks!

*The more I type and say the word, “perk” the stranger that word sounds. So I looked it up, and found that “perk”  is a shortened form of “perquisite“, “perk”, used in the 1520’s meant, “raise oneself up briskly”. And that’s the word of the day.