Tomato Harvest on Christmas Eve + Steamy Kitchen on TV

I had my first tomato harvest, on Christmas Eve. Of course, I don’t consider the green tomatoes that fell off from the branch of my bigger tomato plant that broke as “harvest.” But then again, the term “harvest” is really relative, isn’t it?

Can 2 little 1-inch golden grape tomatoes be called a harvest?

Golden Grape Tomatoes

Sliced each teeny tiny grape tomato with an exacto-knife. Thai basil from my garden, Maldon sea salt, fresh ground pepper and Bariani Olive Oil

Tomato Harvest on Christmas Eve


Steamy Kitchen on TV

Another blogger dish cooked on television!  I made David Lebovitz’s Coconut Frozen Yogurt last week. Oh my god was I exhausted that morning! I had just flown in from teaching 2 classes in Los Angeles late evening and Nathan had 103F fever and kept waking up. Slept for 1 hour, woke at 4am to get to the studio for 6:40am on-air.

Things I learned this time:

a) Horizontal Stripes. BAD. My arms looked as wide as an elephant’s trunk.

b) Trying to look perkier than 1 hour’s worth of sleep with a bouncy ponytail. HORRENDOUS. I can’t out-perk Rachel Ray, even with a pony-tail.

c) Schlepping frozen ice cream insert from home to station, 30 minute car ride in a cooler with ice. STUPID IDEA. I made the fro-yo at the studio, but the yogurt didn’t freeze completely! At the end of the news broadcast, the news anchors all come back into the kitchen with me to finish up and see the final dish. You won’t see this part in the online video clip, but we all pretended it was frozen!! haha!!  Of course, this was just days after I emailed Greg tips on ice cream photography! DUH! (btw, he got to meet Todd English. I’m so jealous. Todd has soft hands. Is it strange that I like men with soft hands?! I digress. Another post, I promise.)

I did manage to look at the camera more and for the most part, it went really well. In the next few days, I’ll post a poll for which blogger dish to cook on my next broadcast, January 22nd. Send any nominations in the comments below!

Here is the link to the clip – click on the “Featured Video” right above the photo. They use Windows Media Player.


Message from the Boys

Oh yeah, the boys wanted to say, “Merry Christmas!” to you!

Here they are with their new monkey dolls that Mimi (grandma) hand made for them. I had one of these when I was little, in fact, I think my Mom kept it for me. Did you have one?


I love it. I’m an evil temptress! If my cooking career on television tanks, nice to know I could have an alternate career in soft porn. 😉

xoxo, jaden