Buster Blue

Our entire family is in love. This is Buster Blue, the newest member of our family. Buster Blue is a 13 week old blue pitbull puppy that we adopted this past Sunday. He’s got a soft, supple, velvety, gorgeous gray-brown coat that’s exactly the color of my front yard at 5:00am (I thought I lost him when we took him out to pee).

Buster Blue’s eyes are amber-blue and he’s got massive paws. MASSIVE. Our baby is gonna be a big dog!

He’s shy, quiet, snuggly and a very calm puppy. Buster Blue loves to sleep, snuggle, cuddle  – and it’s so cute – when he sleeps, his skin has all these deep folds that crumple and sigh around his face!

So far, Coco loves playing with him. Sharing toys? Not so much. I’m sure it will take time to go from only dog to big sister.

This morning, it wasn’t a good morning for Coco – she refused to look at the camera and smile.

“Coco! Look at the camera! Mommy wants to take a picture!”

“I don’t want to.”

“Please? Purrdy please?!”

“Fine. I’ll look at the camera. But I ain’t smiling.”

“Chickens! Do you want to smile for the camera?”

“Camera?! No way! I’m outta here!”

“I’ll smile for the camera!”


 Did you know Pitbulls used to be the “nanny dog”? In recent years, bad people trained pitbulls to fight – thus tarnishing their reputation as a fighting, biting dog.

Who also had pitbulls? Helen Keller had a pitbull. Cesar Millan’s “Junior” is also a blue pitbull. Petey from The Rascals was a pit (remember him!?)