2008: The Year of Steamy Kitchen?

I am sooo bad about keeping secrets. It’s just way too stressful to remember what I can say and can’t, to whom and in what situation, you know? I don’t want the responsibility of keeping a secret, as I’d much rather use that energy for doing more useful things, like this.

Cuz here’s the deal. Secrets take up brian space. The thousands upon thousands of secrets that I’ve kept since I was 4 years old are still in my head. Seriously, I’m running out of room in my brain for any more secrets to add to my repertoire. My brain is dangerously close to running out of virtual memory and either I need to reallocate brain cells (just delete my stupid superhuman skills) or get a brain transplant, preferably from someone with an IQ greater than 73 and with social skills higher than an ovulating hyena.

But dear friends and family, DO NOT ask me if I want to hear about a secret. Because my other quirk, called INSANELY CURIOUS, trumps all.

Recently, with all the non-disclosure contracts that I’ve had to sign for possible Steamy Kitchen business deals, my brain has gone into virtual brain dump mode and have been using the blog as my outlet. I’ve had to come online at 3am, write a post, dishing out all the dirty details and publish. Then I quickly delete it.

Urge, fixed.

Until I forget that the rest of the world doesn’t live in my time zone. The ungodly hour of 3am Monday morning is 10am Monday morning somewhere in the world, the ideal time for cyberslacking at work, which, by the way is done by 75% of the American workforce, costing us something like $170 billion annually. I’d be curious what percentage makes up blog-whoring. WOOHOO! Go bloggers!

So, in this coming year, I’m going to play a bit more on this blog, expanding my posts outside of just recipes. Because with this (AHEM) new cookbook deal in the works, I won’t be able to post as many Modern Asian recipes as I’ve had in the past.

OKOKOK!!! I can’t stand it! I’m letting it out.

YES ! I’m working on a Steamy Kitchen Cookbook! Oh, I’ve debated back and forth on whether or not to tell you. Buddha (and the cyberslackers in Istanbul and Ciaro ) only knows how many times I’ve published the announcement and then hit delete. Because it’s not a totally done done deal yet. I was contacted directly by a publishing house, got an offer and they are waiting for my list of recipes that will be attached to The Contract.

But I’m close.


<– heehee! just kidding. Giada’s entire body weighs as much as my left leg.btw, if you must know, that is my Fresh Lemongrass Ginger Ale and a Firecracker Shrimp in Giada’s hands.

Those who are superstitious say that I shouldn’t mention anything at all until the ink is dry, just in case the deal doesn’t go through and I’m left embarrassed, telling all that it’s not going to happen. Weeelllll, yeah, I guess that would be awkward in a Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation kind of way.

But then if I’m not honest and treat you all like my close friends, what’s the point of blogging? Dammit, your boss pays you good money to come visit Steamy Kitchen at work. The least I could do is contibute to society in a n open and meaningful way. And hey, if the book deal doesn’t go through, you will still be my friend, right? hello?? right??!?

2008 will be a fantabulous year for me.

I just know it. As my friend, Jeff, said, “2008 will be the Year of Steamy Kitchen,” and I totally believe him coz 2008 is the Year of the Rat. And guess what….I was born in the Year of the Rat! Plus, my birthday will be 8/8/08 (the number 8 is the most auspicious number for Chinese). See, I’m superstitious when it’s conveniently in my favor!

So, my biggest dilemma is how to keep up blogging AND writing a cookbook? Because, like, I’m wrestling with each new recipe...for the blog…or for the book?

Let me ask you, what kind of recipes would you like to see in a Steamy Kitchen cookbook? Ideas? Thoughts? What kind of cookbook would you want buy? Hurry! I only have a few more days before my recipe list gets submitted!