I’ve always been a hands-on and visual learner, preferring to process information by seeing and tactile practice. Even in grade school, I remember my teachers always complaining, “Are you listening to me?” (no.) “Did you hear what I just said?” (nope.)

In college, where the preferred method of teaching was mainly lectures, I’d write notes fast and furious (I created my very own shorthand and was good at deciphering my own chicken-scratch), often scribbling word-for-word what the professor was saying. Then, to study, I’d re-copy all of my notes 2 or 3 times by hand. Back then, laptops were silly-expensive and I relied on my Bic pen, spiral notebook and lots of bandages to cover blisters on the sides of my third finger.

[Oh, and by the way, both my boys are the same way – they learn by, “Show me, Mommy!” or “Lemmee try!”]

This is why I had never gotten into audio podcasts. It’s just too much listening to people talk. Stuff that I hear goes in one ear and just falls right back out.

Recently, I finally learned how to connect my iPhone to my car’s speakers via Bluetooth so that I could take phone calls through the car instead of holding onto a phone. I’m short, Asian, female and suck at driving. I really do need both hands on the wheel. The problem with calling through the car stereo is that the microphone in the car is somewhere NOT NEAR MY FACE. It’s on the dashboard, behind the windshield wiper lever, near the air conditioning vent.

So if the other person I’m talking with has trouble hearing me (like all the time), I have to turn off the A/C or heater, lean forward and speak loudly, enunciating EACH. IN-DIVID-UAL SYL-LA-BLE. Which is even more distracting than if I had just held the damn phone in my hand.

I’ve tried the Bluetooth headset route, but it’s just too staticky and the phone gets all confused about which Bluetooth device to connect to – the car? the headset? and I kept dropping the call.

I’ve resorted to plugging in my ear buds to the phone and only using one of the buds in my ear. I can hear much better, but since my ear bud doesn’t have a microphone, I have to prop my phone up on my chest, using my boobs as a sticky shelf (pushup bras help with that) and propping the microphone close to my mouth. Awkward.


This post originally was supposed to be about podcasts. Somehow I’ve digressed and now you know I play with my boobs in the car. Double awkward.