Friendship in the Form of Duck Necks

Sometimes friendship comes in the form of a beautiful, silky, hand-made apron from Cookie Baker Lynn

The apron is gorgeous! Thank you Lynn!

Then, there are other times that friendship comes in a big box of miscellaneous animal parts:

This guy looks way too chipper for marketing his feet: But notice that he’s got NO NECK.

That’s because it went to this tasty treat:

Which got me thinking about how much neck does a duck have?


In addition the duck neck and duck feet, I got dried squid, lots of seaweed snacks, duck tongues and duck gizzards. Anyone want to try? I’ll send you a snackity snack if you agree to try it!!!

Thank you Listen to Uncle Jay! Jay does something important with big-time sports teams all over the world. He was in China doing something important for the NBA China Games and he slipped my logo over the Mercedes Benz logo at the stadium last November. Now, if you could do that during the Beijing Summer ORRRIMPICS, that would be super cool. Don’t worry, Mercedes Benz won’t mind.