Vote – Which Blogger Dish to Cook on TV?

I’ve got a regular schedule now for my local ABC appearance – the last Thursday of every month. So, I’ve got a week to go and would love you to choose which blogger dish to cook in my live 5-minute bit. as part of the ABC morning news Of course I’ll post the video online for all of you to giggle at me!

Here’s the criteria for how I choose which dish to feature.

Asian Food: Since I specialize in modern Asian cuisine, the dishes that I like to feature has to be East Asian, SE Asian or even South Asian. I’m just starting to dabble into Indian cuisine (LOVE IT!!) and I’m sure with the help of my Indian blogger friends, I’ll soon be whipping up classic Indian dishes soon! Perhaps next month I will cook an Indian dish on TV. Plus, I just received the MOST amazing vegetarian Indian cookbook directly from the authors of Cooking at Home with Pedatha in India, more on that later.

Easy & Fast: The dish has to be something that a home cook can make in their kitchen. So anything fancy, expensive and time consuming is out.

No Oven: Unfortunately, the studio on set doesn’t have an oven. So I’m limited to stovetop.

Timing: The set looks like this:

and I’m just yards away from the newscasters, so NO LOUD foods like butchering live animals (ewww!)

The newscasters do their morning news, then 40 minutes into it, they cut to the kitchen. I’ve got 5 minutes-ish to demo something. I don’t have to cook the entire dish during this time, but I get to talk about whatever I’m cooking (giving a nice shoutout to blogger’s dish of course!) and demo something. Then the news continues on and towards the end of the newscast 20 minutes later, everyone ends up in the kitchen and we show the final dish (and eat too!)

So, it’s quite a feat of coordination and timing to make sure that I can finish in time. So, anything that can be made within an hour’s time is great (I can cook while the news is going on)

Ready to vote?

My Past Cooking Segments

2 are on YouTube, 2 are on ABC’s site (just click on the “Video” link above photo)

ABC 7 August 23rd Steamy Kitchen Fried Rice
ABC 7 – October 2nd RasaMalaysia’s Coconut Prawns
ABC 7 – November 27th 6:35am Mae Gabriel’s Firecracker Shrimp
ABC 7 – December 18th 6:35am David Lebovitz Frozen Yogurt

What should I cook next week?

Chez Pim’s Pad Thai for Beginners: I love the flavors of Pad Thai – sweet, salty, hot and a tinge of sour from freshly squeezed lime.

Oishii Eats Vietnamese Summer Rolls: Healthy, crunchy and perfect party food. I’ll teach you how to roll them tight!

Wandering Chopstick’s Vietnamese Coffee with some fried Steamy Kitchen Shrimp Chips with Spicy Peanut Sauce:

Have you ever tried Vietnamese Coffee? OMG. It is the most luxurious coffee you’ll ever taste with sweetened condensed milk. Fried shrimp chips puff up in seconds and are crispy and light as a feather…dip them in a Spicy Peanut Sauce and you won’t stop eating ’em! Great Superbowl finger food.

Please Vote!

You can vote from now until next Tuesday 12:33pm EST.


Thanks for all your votes – come see Steamy Kitchen cook Oishii Eats!