Steamy Kitchen on Daytime TV!


I’ve been so excited all weekend that I just couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything other than making the pile of chocolates and wine in my home disappear as quickly as possible, leftover from this segment last week on CBS:

A week before, I got an email from the producer of Daytime television show, a program that’s syndicated in many major markets across the U.S, asking if I’d like to come in a shoot a segment.

They shoot in Tampa, actually in the same building as The Tampa Tribune, the newspaper that I write a weekly column for. In fact, they are OWNED by the same company, Media General.

Anyways, apprently I did a fantastic job, because a couple hours after I left the studio, I got an email from the producer asking if I’d come back as a regular on the show.


My stomach just flipped again as I typed that.

Hosts Cyndi and Dave:


The Daytime studio kitchen:


The show is taped a day or two in advance, so we taped on Friday and it will air in different markets either Tuesday or Wednesday. I made Chinese Sausage Fried Rice for a 4 minute segment.


Does the show air in your town?

And you can see me if you’re in San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Austin….well the list is long, here’s the whole list of markets. My cooking segment will be on 2-3 times a month, and it’s totally perfect. I LOVE doing short segments where I get to interact with the show hosts – it’s so much more fun than just me by myself in the kitchen. I gotta tell you, this journey is so much fun. Who knew that a little food blog I created 2 years ago would blossom into a massive career?

Another highlight – I got to meet this wonderful person – can you guess how old she is?


Jackie Silver of Aging Backwards is 50 frickin’ years old!!!! REALLY. I have more wrinkles on my forehead than she does on her body. Jackie and I connected via Twitter (which by the way you MUST get on, because I’ll tell ya that 80% of the amazing career opportunities have come from meeting people on Twitter.) Anyways, Jackie has been a regular on Daytime for the past 3 years and she met up with me in the studio to give me support and hang out. Love her.


I’d love to know if the show airs in your town!