Our Family Motto: Magical Moments

Family Motto- Magical Moments

I want to share something with you, a video that gives you a little glimpse into our everyday lives. The video is a present from our “family” – Todd and Diane of White on Rice Couple. Scott and I had a chance to see them for a few minutes right before our talk at the International Assocation of Culinary Professionals conference in San Francisco yesterday (red eye back home this morning!)

Todd and Diane were out here a few months ago to shoot our cookbook trailer and surprised us with editing a clip that showcased our family and our “Family Motto.” They thought that you all would love to hear more about our driving force in life, what steers our family and how that also steers our Steamy Kitchen family business. What wonderful friends Todd and Diane are.

“Creating Magical Moments” has always been my personal motto, but really, our entire family has embraced the little saying as a way of life. What does it mean?

We as a family do not have a specific religion, we don’t go to church but we do love both God and Buddha. Our family belief centers around everyday being the very best person, mother, father, brother, sister, sibling, spouse and friend possible. Scott and I have taught the boys to always remember that every moment is a chance to be the very best person and that every moment is a chance (and a choice) to be happy.

What guides our every decision in life is asking ourselves this question, “How can we create a Magical Moment?” It could be for ourselves, for a friend, for a stranger and even an animal!

Scott and I decided in late 2010 that we had to change the way we lived and ran Steamy Kitchen. Back then, I was traveling way too much, worked crazy hours and was “always super busy,” a phrase that I caught myself saying too much. Since then, we’ve restructured our business and our lives to be able to both work at home and only work a handful of hours each week. We began involving the boys in business decisions. We began charting the success of the business in terms of “Units of Happiness” instead of “Gross Revenue.”

Here’s a little slice of what we mean – and moving forward, if you are interested, we’d love to share with you more about our lives and how we specifically are able to create a lifestyle of Magical Moments. I’m sure the boys will chime in too – they love reading all your comments!