Steamy Kitchen Triple Whammy


In any normal situation, I wouldn’t take a photo of myself right after an hour’s worth of tennis playing in 95F Florida heat, where the air is so muggy, thick and humid you practically chew every breath. I think one of my eyelids melted off. (Don’t ask my why I live in South Florida until January, when I’m in my flip-flops and shorts on my patio, relishing in the sunshine with a frozen piña colada)

But this isn’t any normal situation – first off, Steamy Kitchen is featured in three different magazines this month. That never happens unless you’re a Princess who just gave birth or Justin Timberlake.

Actually, editors work several MONTHS in advance of an issue – and so I had forgotten when these features were coming out and honestly had no idea that it would all hit the same month.

If you’re at the store, pick up a copy! There are some fantastic recipes either from my new cookbook or that I had created:


Taste of Home’s Sept/October 2013 issue is so full of recipes – the cover touts 223 recipes & tips. The magazine contacted me a while ago, asking to feature me as a “Blogger We Love” (I love you back!)

The recipe that I shared in the book is from Steamy Kitchen Healthy Asian Favorites: a healthy Kung Pao Chicken Recipe.


There is a really sweet picture of the family, minus Buster Blue. This photo was taken just before we got him. Oh, don’t feel bad, you should see what that troublemaker DID TO OUR CAR.


Seriously, WHAT KIND OF DOG CHEWS ON CARS!????? Is he missing some iron in his diet?


Let’s move on.

Before I work myself in a furious frenzy all over again.

wdy_cvr-lgThis was a fun feature! Woman’s Day asked me to create a meal for 4 people with only $6. Yup – that comes out to $1.50 per person. It was fairly easy – Asian food can be so inexpensive to cook!

I made Korean Tacos with Asian Slaw. The tacos are made with ground beef, and the slaw has carrots and cabbage. This recipe goes on my family’s “Greatest Kitchen Hits” list. The beef is seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and a touch of brown sugar.

The slaw is so simple – vinegar, soy sauce and red pepper flakes. Everything comes together in 29.5 minutes…..Take that, Rachael Ray! <– just kidding!




sara_toccoverThe last mag is the local Sarasota Magazine, in their “All Things Asian” issue. This is the way I should take pictures all the time…..NOT sweaty and exhausted. Hey, I’m “Asian 2.0”! Love it.


The recipe is Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Roast Pork, from that book.


Have a fabulous weekend everyone!