Bonding over Instant Ramen

There’s a special time in a parent’s life when you begin teaching your little tots the fine art of life. Like how to wiggle your way out of a ticket or jail time after rear ending a police car or maybe how to play with scissors discreetly.

This morning, it was introducing Nathan to my ol college buddy, Maruchan Instant Ramen, Chicken Flavor.

Ouch, mommy! Noodles too hot!

I haven’t had instant ramen since I was pregnant with Nathan 4 years ago, when all I would eat was McDonald’s french fries dipped in McDonald’s soft serve, chased by an instant ramen cup. That was all I wanted to eat, sometimes I’d wake up at 4am, scurry to the kitchen and raid my stash of artificial flavors. Preganancy produced all sorts of whacky sensations, including one side of my body being hot, the other cold, hungry one moment and my teeth itching the next. So, I’d stand there in the kitchen, with only one sock on, loudly slurping so fast on my instant ramen, that the tails of the noodles whip my cheek, my nose, my forehead.
Instant Ramen Love
Mommy blows noodles to cool them off

I hadn’t had instant ramen since then – and today, when I was looking for something in the pantry….SCORE! I found 2 cups of instant ramen! So, who cares if these babies were 4 years old?? I’m sure that if the artificial crap inside the cup didn’t kill me during college or if Nathan turned out with 15 toes, this surely wouldn’t harm us today.

And so I taught Nathan how to carefully, slowely peel back the paper lid without tearing it, pour in the hot water to just riiiiight there, position the paper lid right back on, fold the little tab to make it stay and then prop a pair of chopsticks on top of the lid so that it wouldn’t pop up from the steam.

Now he’s happy!

You have to wait just the right amount of time – the noodles shouldn’t be too hard or too soggy. And you have to SLLLUUUURRRRRPPPPP fast!! This is like totally the finest form of bonding ever.

Oh and to my personal trainer, Alicia, I swear I really didn’t eat this. I just PRETENDED to eat the 330 empty calories. No sirrreeee….I had a salad.