Kona Kampachi Winners

EDIT: 9:00am Sunday
Tampa Trib & Observer Readers: I goofed! I held the drawing Saturday morning, but in the Tampa Tribune and EC Observer, I wrote that the drawing would be held on Sunday. Well, my goof is your gain, as this morning, I’m going to pick an additional winner from the pool of only Tribune/Observer comments…so read on…

This Saturday morning, I had every intention of waking up bright and early to post the winners. But the boys wanted to make breakfast for MiMi and PaPa (Scott’s parents), who are visiting from Buffalo, NY.

How could I say no to this face?

They made German Oven Pancakes German Oven Pancakes for breakfast.

Okay, I know. Enough about breakfast, how about the winners?

Kona Kampachi Winners

Many thanks to the Dr. Michael Daniel’s Parapsychic Random Number Generator. By the way, did you know that Parapsychology means: “the scientific study of paranormal phenomena”?? A little spooky. I wonder how Dr. D feels about me using his psychic random number generator to draw for fish winners? Maybe I should send him some fish too? Because it would really suck to be abducted by aliens or have an out of body experience.

That’s just bad ju-ju.

Let’s spit out the numbers!

BOYS! I need some help here! The numbers are too small to see!

# 111 Emily Says:
April 2nd, 2008 at 12:01 pm eAnd this would be my entry. I would DEARLY love to try something other than canned tuna, frozen tilapia from The Mysterious Beyond, and salmon.

I don’t even think there IS a fishmonger local to me…unless you count the bait shop down the road.

The next winner is…..