I can pick up raw peanuts with my toes and fling them pretty far…

Got this in my email inbox today:


Do you or someone you know have an amazing food related story to tell? Do you know someone who has gone from being homeless to the owner of their own restaurant, makes pop art out of pineapples, or eats nothing but peanuts? Do you know someone who is battling food fears or phobias? Has food helped to cure an illness, changed the course of your life, or helped to inspire you in some dramatic way? We are looking for all types of stories even those that are odd or humorous to feature on and upcoming series for the Food Network.

Casting is underway, so Email a brief description of your story with your contact information and picture of yourself ASAP to michaelraptis@alroker.com or call 646.XXX-XXXX to be considered for the show. [edit: email me if you want the phone number…i left it out so poor michael raptis wouldn’t be inundated with phone calls from silly blog readers!]

Oh my. Has Food Network run out of show ideas??

My dear readers, I want to hear about your strange/odd/nasty/disgusting food story. The type of stuff that may require therapy. Wouldn’t it be funny if the show will include an “intervention” to HEAL THY FOOD DEMONS INSIDE! 😉

But tell me! Post some funny show ideas!