I’m Blushing a Shade of Pork


I did give them ample time to take back my #28 spot in Times U.K. 50 Best Food Blogs, just in case someone over there made an error in their research. I’m sure by now it’s official, because today, they’ve just published a feature on me


If you read the interview, you’ll find out some juicy facts about me. Yes, my husband really does go hunting for wild boar with his friend, Shawn. They are considered vermin and very destructive to the land…which means to property owners, “the more you hunt, the less I have to trap.” The area by my home is infested with wild boar.


And while hunting sounds really macho and stuff, I do live in Florida and so the hunting involves golf carts:


Now, that’s how to hunt in style…golf carts. I will spare you the photo of the kill, covered up by Pumba, especially because I know them nosy PETA folks will have a cowpig…shitfit about it.

When I said “infestation” I really meant it. These are shots just recently taken with the motion-activated-night-camera that his friend, Shawn set up.


A family of black wild boars and a family of mutts.

Do you know why there are so many wild boars?



Of course we eat the meat! Wild boar is the best meat, and with an overnight soak in lemon-vinegar-ice-water, the gamey-ness is gone. We take it to a local butcher, Palmetto Meat Shop who has just celebrated 28 years in business. it’s a family run joint and we love them.


A few days later, we pick up 2 big boxes of wild boar country ribs, cutlets, chops, tenderloin, brats and Italian sausage.



6:13pm I was thinking more and more about what the Times wrote in their lead in to my interview. “Jaden Hair enthuses about how blogging won her a TV career, ‘pimping’ her kids in food videos and Gucci steaks” Love how “pimping my kids” is the scandalous tease for the lead-in.

6:19pm I forgot to tell you that those big boxes of meat only lasted us for 2 weeks. No, we didn’t eat all of it…I was bragging so much to my friends about the wild boar that huzb shot that I kept giving it away. Our freezer was down to 3 packs of brats…so huzb went hunting again and got another wild boar. Now our freezer is jam-packed again. Still wishing he’d go cow-hunting…I’m kinda over the pork thingy.

6:31pm Speaking of pimping my kids out, I just heard from Daytime that they want the boys in TWO SEGMENTS this month. Which means, my goal of retiring next year is becoming reality! Now I need to teach them how to blog.

7:01pm The photo of humping wild boars….I’m sure the Times editors are now regretting this.