Behind the Scenes and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

truvia shoot-002

This post is sponsored by Truvia ~Jaden

The snippit of time between coming back from Hong Kong and Tokyo….and Thanksgiving, I was asked by Kin Community, my new YouTube partner, to fly to LA and shoot a video for YouTube. We scrambled to make everything happen last minute and in a fit of holiday craziness + video shoot I made a drastic decision to CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR. This is not a new nervous tick — I’d done this before, and hey, it wasn’t too bad.

But this time, I directed my hairstylist to CUT IT ALL OFF. I had my own Britney Spears moment. Lesson learned: never get drastic cosmetic changes to body right before an important video shoot. My hands kept brushing off my phantom hair from my shoulders. My other nervous tick is twisting a lock of my hair – which I couldn’t do, so I resorted to pouring tequila in my coffee.

truvia shoot-009

And all day I felt really floaty-light-headed (my thick Asian hair is really heavy and I must have lost 5 pounds above my shoulders with the haircut).

Despite the new ‘do boo-boo, we had a blast filming at Kin’s studio. We shot a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies made with Truvia Baking Blend.

When we shoot video here at my house for all the recipes on Steamy Kitchen, we use our Canon 5D Mark II for video. Audio is recorded on the Mac as a voice over for the video, mainly because it provides a snappy, quick video without out a lot of editing work (which I don’t like to do, but my assistant, Cheri, loves).

For this photoshoot, we recorded video and audio together, but the audio was captured separately on a different device (better quality) and the clapper thing below:

truvia shoot-015

is clapped, it helps the video editor sync the audio to the video. Otherwise, my video would probably look like a poorly dubbed Chinese kung-fu movie.

We had a sound engineer, 2 video guys, the clapper guy, a behind the scenes photographer (who took these pics), a producer-boss (who wrangled/managed all of us), a food prep assistant (made sure all ingredients were measured and prepped, washed dishes). What a great crew!

Each of the camera guys had a job. One was the main videographer:

truvia shoot-023

the other was Mr. Closeup:

truvia shoot-020

Making cookies!


truvia shoot-021

The end of the video showed me serving the cookies at an office party.

Mr. Closeup getting close:
truvia shoot-034

Mr. Wide (the camera shot angle, not him)

truvia shoot-032

and the scrumptious cookies:

Watch the full video – but don’t judge my haircut.




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Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.05.13 PM



Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies Recipe

Servings: 24 cookies

Prep Time:10 minutes

Cook Time:15 minutes