A Steamy Interview with Michael Ruhlman


Michael Ruhlman’s ratio-small-cover Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking is not a cookbook that I would normally add to my cookbook collection. First off, it’s got no color photos. It doesn’t even look like a cookbook…the front cover has complicated circles with all sorts of numbers and fractions going ’round and ’round. The only time I like big circles with numbers is when I’m in Vegas and the little ball falls snugly in the number that I’ve got $100 riding on.

Yet, I’m telling you that if you enjoy the creative process of cooking, you must get the Ratio cookbook. It’s not because Michael Rulman is like the Anderson Cooper of cooking (Anderson’s so incredibly hot and he’s the only reason I watch TV.) and it’s not because I’ve had a very flirty Twitter exchange with Michael (and if you happened to be on Twitter last Friday, we learned that leaving a “th” out of the word “I should have been forTHcoming with you,” certainly changes the meaning of a tweet.

But I want you to get the Ratio cookbook because Michael is like the most famous food person that I’ve ever asked “Boxers or Briefs” and he totally answered me with a straight face.

Yeah, that’s hot. SO BUY HIS BOOK.

No, but seriously, it’s a fantastic book, in fact, so good that I will do everything in my power to never let my husband meet Michael Ruhlman. Ever. It’s nothing scandalicious, it’s just that….well, listen and find out yourself. Oh yes, are you guessing BOXERS or BRIEFS? You’ll find out!

p.s. I decided that if I was going to interview someone as awesome as Michael Ruhlman, I had to be all serious and stuff. Like a real reporter. Because, I’m sure that someone like Michael is used to being interviewed by serious and influential journalists like the fancy people at Gourmet magazine or New York Times. So, I started the podcast projecting a “well-respected journalist from a big foodie magazine totally scared shitless that my job is in jeapardy because dammit, people aren’t buying my magazines anymore because all these stupid food bloggers are doing my job for free” type of thing.

And I totally ended up sounding like an assclown.

p.p.s. I’m not responsible for any of the image above, just did some fancy Photoshop work to put them all together in a collage for your eye-candy viewing pleasure. In fact, come over to Ruhlman’s blog and watch a video of him talking about his Ratio book.

p.p.p.s. Speaking of eye-candy, I took the Ratio cookbook to heart and made a sesame-seared-tuna_090420__025_web Seared Tuna with Lime-Ginger Vinaigrette with no recipe, just a ratio.

Leifheit Kitchen Scale Giveaway

One of Michael Ruhlman’s essential tools in the kitchen is his scale. I can’t emphasize the importance of using a kitchen scale, as different ingredients measure differently. Leifheit has a wide range of kitchen scales, but I like this one the best: leiftheit-scale. It’s as thin as a magazine…sleek and small. I’m giving one of these away to a random commenter! To enter, just comment right below! (No need to sign up for the Steamy Kitchen newsletter – just comment!) Winner will be announced in a week.

Update 5/3/09: Winner of the Leifheit Kitchen Scale Announced!

Podcast with Michael Ruhlman


2:30 – Why I won’t let my huzb meet Michael Ruhlman
3:30 – What this book is all about – Ratio gives you muscle
4:20 – Bread ratio
5:00 – Where you can get a signed copy of Ratio
5:35 – All photos from book by Michael’s wife, Donna
6:40 – Michael’s next book?
7:30 – Question: his favorite meat pie?
8:30 – Question: what are his kids fav foods?
9:40 – Question: boxers or briefs?