New Steamy Kitchen web design!

New Steamy Kitchen web design!

I can’t wait to tell you about my visit with Martin, I’ve got a ton of photos plus a video to share with you showing off Martin’s awesomely talented knife skills. I just want to go on record and say, move over, Jackie Chan..the Yan man can carve a whole chicken in 18 seconds flat. one handed. blindfolded. and riding a unicycle. In fact, I think that Martin and his amazing cleaver deserves to star in a high-action video game. Simply put, this man rocks.

Oh yes, to answer your question, his accent is REAL. He totally made fun of me for even asking!

I haven’t had the chance to put together the post for Martin, cuz as you can see, I’ve spent my entire weekend remodeling Steamy Kitchen! Each time that I come up with a major redesign, I complain that CSS is the sound of brain matter leaking from my head. This blog coding is hard stuff!

In the end, though, I may not keep this design – it’s loading very very very slow – and I’m trying to figure out why the slideshow is lagging a few seconds before it works correctly.

So, please be patient while mama tries on this new dress! Give me a shoutout and tell me what you think. I’ve got more spiffy things to launch on the site, but it’s gonna take some time because if I have to edit the CSS, HTML, PHP or JS one more stinkin’ time, I might just HICCC: huddle in a corner and collapse with a armful of chocolate. Will you tell me how long it takes for the slideshow to render on your computer? Just hit refresh and count. It takes me about 4 seconds – which is 3 seconds too long for my opinion.

I’ve stayed up late the past 3 nights and tonight…Scott left me a trail of jello shots to lure me back to bed so I can get some rest.

Now that’s one sexy man.