Want to learn a new language? You need this giveaway!

I was born in Hong Kong but came to the United States when I was 4 years old. We lived in the midwest and in the 1970’s, being the only ethnic kid in school was so not cool. It was a really tough life, constantly being teased for being different and I made myself forget my Cantonese. I just wanted to fit in!

My parents speak Chinese to us and so my brother and I can understand everyday colloquial Cantonese (especially when they’re sayin’ stuff about us) and a teensy tiny bit of Mandarin…but our brains would need a re-wiring to be able to speak the language.

And now, I totally regret not taking the time to re-learn Chinese. I can teach the kids simple words and short phrases and cuss words…but I wish I knew more of the language to be able to speak it at home.

Which is why I think Praxis has a fantastic system. It’s like language school 2.0. They publish a audio and video podcast with Chinese lessons and your journey is fully personalized with lesson plans based on your level, topics that interest you (like flirting, business, shopping, etc.) and a community online that you can practice with. Over 250,000 are already learning Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and English. Praxis gave me a a 2-week trial to try out (you can sign up for a 1 week free trial at Chinese Pod) and offered a nice giveaway for my readers.

Wanna learn how to read and pronounce Chinese menu items? Check out their Chinese Pod’s Chinese Menu Stealer series. Here’s a sample video:

So, to kick off this contest, on Mother’s Day I made the sweet-and-sour-spare-ribs_090510__024_web Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs recipe for you.

Praxis Language Program Giveaway

And guess what? I’m giving away a 12-month Praxis Premium Subscription (worth $239) to Steamy Kitchen readers! Have you ever wanted to learnĀ  Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese or English? If you win, you get your choice of language program. Now, that’s really cool. You have until May 23rd 12pm EST to enter.

To enter, just COMMENT BELOW and tell me which language you’d like to learn!

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CONTEST OVER! The winner is announced!