Seattle Distraction

Elise of Simply Recipes and I were on her way to meet up with Ruth Reichl at an intimate, private event that we are lucky enough to snag tickets for, courtesy of Keren of Frantic Foodie (thank you karen, smootches to cute baby).  Elise and I had just met up at the airport, I having just flown in from Florida and Elise from California. We were running quite late, as I’m sure that you know whole efficient airport experience is just sooooo like 1999.

We grab a rental car… and armed with my GPS that still thought we were in Florida, Elise and I set out searching for the event location. Finally, we spot the restaurant, scoured the streets to find parking and then decided that both of our “fresh off the plane” look wasn’t that flattering. So, we both stood behind the car, popped the trunk open, opened our suitcase and started touching up our makeup on the streets. Way classy.

The event was held at a restaurant called Olivar, which was right around the corner. A quick glance at my phone revealed that we were indeed late. Guys…I’ve never met Ruth Reichl before, but I can sense that from her books and videos that she’s a pretty direct, no-nonsense woman. Probably the type who’d give us the glare that would instantly slap us with “Imbiciles! How dare you be disruptive and late to my event!?”

So, fearful of Ruth’s lashing, I grab Elise and we frantically stuff our makeup away, close the trunk and lock the car doors. My heart was racing, scared shitless,  because I was trying to figure out how to sneak in the small restaurant, spot an empty seat and scope out where the free wine was (how can you NOT have wine in hand when listening to Ruth?!)

We’re walking fast towards the building and just before the corner…



on a podium.

wearing tight….

…no…let me be more specific…barely-there, muscle hugging underwear.

Elise was just half a step in front of me, so I yanked her arm back towards the window (she just about fell over because I whiplashed the bejeebers outta her by abruptly changing the direction of her momentum) and like TOTAL DUMBASSES, we just stood there in front of the window, staring at bare chested hottie who was near the back of the small store.

And then I waved at him.

Not even a cool, “howz it goin’ dude” type of short wave….but a full on HI! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE NAKED! WOW I LOVE YOUR MUSCLES! HEEHEEHEE! giddy, full-on foolish type of wave.

Yeah, um and then…Hottie waved back. E

lise and I wanted to go in and really, really check him out. Okay, I’m married….so I mean ELISE to check him out because she’s single and I just wanted to accompany her to make sure that it was a safe environment. Um yeah.

….but…Ruth..the RATH OF RUTH…

So, I signaled to him with my pointy finger and pointed to my invisible watch signaling, “don’t you dare move you bare chested almost naked hottie! we’ll be back in 10 minutes!”

Elise and I begrudgingly peeled ourselves away from the storefront glass and headed to the restaurant around the corner.

But then right after Ruth’s speech (wait. what was the book she was talking about again?), we loaded up on the delicious tapas, gulped down a glass of wine and RAN BACK TO HOTTIE.

I don’t even know how to caption this photo. SERIOUSLY, did  we really have those expressions on our faces?

So, okay, after the initial OH MY F&*%&! GAAAWWWDDDDD reaction of standing so close to Hotness….

We came to our senses and chilled out.

Breathed deeply.


No fondling, Elise.

Calming down.


He was sooo trying to look down my shirt.

Yes, that’s exactly what my caption is for this photo.


The next day, Foodista began IFBC – or International Food Bloggers Conference! I spoke on the “Blog to Book” panel and talked about the experience of publishing a book, and was joined by Molly of Orangette and Kirsty Melville, the Executive Vice President of Andrews McMeel Publishing. Cooking with Amy moderated the discussion and I think it gave people a well-rounded overview of publishing, from a blogger standpoint and from a publisher standpoint.

photo by Seattle Tall Poppy (most photos below are from Traca!)

On day 2, I was lucky enough to be joined by dynamos Cooking with Amy and Simply Recipes in a discussion that we called “Blogging as a Career.” The three of us approached our blogging business in a totally different way, and rather than try to type out a synopsis, why don’t you watch the video for yourself!

Me, Amy of Cooking with Amy and
Elise from Simply Recipes

Elise and I got to hang with one of the sexiest men on earth. YOU JUST WANT TO HUG THIS MAN!!! (trust me, Elise and I have slept with him)


And then we celebrated with SAKE!!! Holy sparkly sake! I just signed on to rep a brand called Sake2Me, which is a beautiful bubbly sake make with premium sake and Vine Connections who distributes fine sake nationwide. More on the sake later, but check the spread:


I invited a few friends to our hotel and ordered FOOOOOOD:


I’ll end this post with a lovely photo I shot of the one and only, Ruth Reichl, the only person in this solar system that Elise and I would hold ABSOLUTE PRIORITY over a hot underwear model: