Need your help! Iron Chef Jaden vs. Iron Chef Dr. BBQ

Iron Chef

(my apologies to Mario Batali and Michael Symon for cutting off your heads and replacing them with ours, but I really like your chef jackets with the American flag – very NASA-ish)

I have no idea what I just got myself into – did I have to open my big mouth and challenge Dr. BBQ to an “Iron Chef” event here in Florida?

I fluffed my feathers in his face and he called my bluff!

Dr. BBQ <– that’s one bad-ass mother-f*****!!!!

Who is this Dr. BBQ? He’s the big-time champion pitmaster, Big Green Egg spokesperson and Executive Chef for Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality restaurant.

Yes, he’s my one degree (and he can be yours too if you want to come to the event!)

Iron Chef: Grill vs. Wok

Saturday June 14th at The Rolling Pin (only 1 seat left)

So, the event will be at the the cooking school where I teach, and while the format isn’t exactly like the real Iron Chef, it certainly be a real competition. We each get 7 participants on our team, 2 hours and we’ll have to cook 4 dishes – an appetizer, main+side and a dessert. Oh yes, we’re not just working with 1 secret ingredient…hah!…1 ingredient would have been too easy. Let’s just throw in 2 more!

I am soooo screwed!

So, I need your help – what should I cook?

No, I don’t have to use the wok – “Iron Chef: Grill vs. Wok” is just a marketing gimmick that has a nice ring to it. Very Food Network-ish, don’t you think? But I am keeping with the Asian theme.

Here are the “secret” but not-so-secret ingredients:

  • Appetizer: Corn
  • Main: Salmon
  • Dessert: Melon

Side dish is a free item. Feel free to link to recipes, throw out suggestions and bop me on the head with the stupid stick. Personally, I don’t even think Dr. BBQ even knows what “melon” is – I mean, can you even imagine a “champion pitmaster” cooking something so SISSY FROU-FROU as melon?????

And get this, earlier this week, he tried to trick me by telling me that the secret ingredients were actually apples, oranges and crab! What a goofball SHITHEAD!!!! Come see his blog, he’s taunting me!!!!

He’s sooo gonna whoop my ass unless you guys can help!!

Use the force, Jaden

But I must relax and remember, as my blog-friend GrifolaFrondosa says:


What would Martin Yan do?


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