Sign of Things to Come + Cookbook Update

Happy meat

I was eating cold slices of leftover grilled steak and just had to take a photo.

I love happy meat!

The arranged slices are out of order – I had already eaten half of the steak by the time I noticed. But wouldn’t it have been fun to arrange them in order, fan through them like one of those kids flip sketch books and see the range of facial expressions!!

Or damn. If I wasn’t so hungry, I could have sold these meat slices on EBay.

I could be a rich! famous! or just stupid and the subject of endlessΒ mockery.


but I do like happy meat. and there are SO many jokes that are running through my head right now but I’ll just keep to myself because my mother reads my blog now.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had my food smile at me:

eggs smile


Thank you Washington Post!

Food columnist, Kim O’Donnel from the Washington Post interviewed several female food writers and bloggers to share their favorite ways to cool off in the kitchen — suppers that are raw, uncooked or using as little stovetop power as possible.

Come read our answers! Bea of La Tartine Gourmande and Rachel of Coconut and Lime also contributed!


Cookbook update!

(rubbing hands excitedly) I’ve got 44 out of the 100 recipes ready for testing!!! I’m drafting email to send out to you all right now. I’m also including a little “Cookbook Update” tab in the box to the right, up on top….to keep you posted.

But I’ve created a new website with the recipes, notes, photos – and it’s in a blog format so that you can submit comments, questions, etc. I’m really excited to have you guys start!

The site URL will be emailed to the list of testers who have signed up. If you are interested, please comment below and I’ll add you to the list.