Friday Favorites


Hey guys! This week’s Friday Favorites is from Rachael of La Fuji Mama, Steamy Kitchen’s newest intern. Check out that bacon pinata!!!

-xoxo Jaden

Steamy Kitchen Friday Favorites

You know the drill, from left to right, top to bottom:

1) Talk about a crappy job. How would you like to be one of the researchers monitoring all of the lovely “emissions” of livestock at a dairy center? Any takers? As the mother of 2 little girls under the age of three (and thus a pro at dealing with diapers, spit up, etc.), I feel like I’m especially qualified for this job (not that I’m volunteering).  Tesco, a large supermarket company based out of the UK, has fitted the cows at its Dairy Centre of Excellence in Liverpool with a microphone, attached to a special collar, which picks up sounds from their stomachs.  The information generated is used to determine how much methane gas they are emitting in hopes to find ways to reduce methane emissions (and reduce carbon footprint produced by milk production). Wow. I can see the business card now…“Cattle Fart Engineer”

2) Speaking of careers, I’m loving the story of Kari Brunson’s career change.  Brunson has been a ballerina for the Pacific Northwest Ballet for the past 7 years but just announced her retirement last month from the company to start cooking/staging full time for Ethan Stowell’s (one of the star chefs of Seattle) restaurants. From ballet slippers to…..chef clogs. You can follow Kari’s adventures on her blog called Anticiplate.

3) We recently stumbled across a beautiful blog called Show Shanti.  It is about Shanti’s journey to 15 culinary provinces in China to meet families who teach her their favorite recipes.  Shanti is writing a cookbook featuring these recipes and the families who opened their homes to share them.  The writing and photography are both beautiful and engaging.  I was particularly intrigued by a post that mentions a dish called Bianzi Doujiao, braided string beans, made as a welcome dish for guests in one of the homes she visited.

4) In Dorie Greenspan’s August 2009 Newsletter she featured a strange kitchen tool called a Granny Fork.  It may look like a mutated fork, but it’s awesome for mashing stirring and blending, and was one of the tools that Julia Child loved.  I have since acquired my own Granny Fork and now believe that no one’s kitchen is complete without one. I’ve discovered that it makes awesome guacamole and is wonderful for mixing up cake batter.

5) I recently tried my hand at home curing bacon (for an entry in Michael Ruhlman’s BLT From Scratch Challenge).  This must be why I have had bacon on the brain.  I swear everywhere I look I’m seeing something about bacon!  Take for instance these Bacon Flavored Mints that are described as tasting like a delicious slice of crispy bacon with just a hint of mint flavor. Is Bacon Breath is sexy?

6) One of the comics in Flagpole Magazine (a publication out of Athens, GA that covers art, entertainment, music, politics, events, etc.) is called Tofu Baby.  Maybe this shows that I’m totally sleep deprived or that I haven’t been getting enough adult interaction, but this comic just cracks me up.  It features Tofu Baby, a little block of baby tofu that speaks with a lisp.  The comic is written in a four-panelled, four-line-rhyme form, and covers deep topics such as running a lemonade stand or getting sunburned.  Tofu Baby even has his own blog, the Tofu Baby Bwog.

7) Eat your peas, you must….with these Lightsaber Chopsticks. It would be REALLY cool if they actually were lightsabers. but….then…nevermind…ouch.

8) Some people don’t just play with their food, they wear it on their skin. 25 ugliest food tattoos. How many tequila shots would it take for you to get one of these babies?

9) And we finish off our Friday Favorites back in the bacon corner…with Bacon Pinata…a valiant attempt, an epic failure. The idea was fill it with “meat treats” like pepperoni, sausages, and meatballs…but all did not go as planned–you’ll have to go and read to find out what happened!