Steamy Kitchen on ABC News Now!


Well, this was certainly a new experience for me – my first interview on national television! Earlier this week, I got to be on a live interview with Meg Oliver of ABC News Now. I had to juggle our schedule a bit to make it fit – I was already scheduled to be in Boston that day to meet with Grace Niwa and my publisher, and it was just easier for me to do a satellite interview in Boston than trying to brave the morning drive from Boston to NYC on a Monday morning. So Grace and I head to Needham’s ABC studio, which ended up to be nothing fancy, just a simple, practical space in an office building. The studio was only used for satellite interviews about twice a week.

I walk into this room – a dark, plain room with two different backdrops – a daytime skyline of Boston and one night time. I sat in an office chair in the middle of the room with the lights turned off, three massive, hot lights spotlighting, a mega-camera pointing directly at me, a small box with wires and knobs right next to my chair – it felt a little like an interrogation!

Behind the scenes at ABC

Okay, so here’s my behind the scenes video that Grace shot for me:

Now you ready to see how I did?

It was a pretty long interview – exactly 7 minutes – and we chat about my inspiration to start my career in food, why I started my blog (it had nothing to do with expecting an audience!) and a bit about my upcoming Steamy Kitchen Cookbook which hits the shelves October 19th.

Apparently, both Meg and I decided that it was poofy shirt shoulder day! LOL! And I love the random stock video cooking shots that they stuck in the middle of the segment – HILARIOUS! Who are those women!???

Meg is so poised, calm, smart and gorgeous. I was a TOTAL SPAZZZ!!

Do you want to know what was going on in my mind that moment my eyes strayed from the camera for a split second?

I was so afraid that ear thing would fall out of my ear because you know, glasses NEVER stay on my face because I’m Asian, have a flat face and don’t have that nice bridge on my nose to keep those glasses perched up and what if I had a flat ear too?? Do Asians have flat ears!? So many times in that interview, I had to resist the urge to use my finger to push that ear thingy in deeper in my ear, but then I thought – crap! would that look weird like I’m randomly stickin’ my finger in my ear? Well, news anchors do it all the time, but usually it’s during a hurricane coverage when they’re out in the middle of the street with hundred-mile-an-hour winds whipping them around. Um, okay, so no wind here in this enclosed studio. Probably shouldn’t stick my finger in my flat ear.


You just witnessed the crazy convo that whizzed through my mind in a split second.


And because I’ve gotten a few dozen emails asking the same questions, I’ll just tickle you with a quick Q&A session:

Q: I heard Meg Oliver say that your book is in stores now! Is it really?
A: No, that was a goof. The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook is available for pre-order from Amazon, but won’t hit the shelves until October 19th-ish.

Q: Do you really get 500,000 page views and 250,000 unique visitors a month? How do you track that? Should I track my stats?
A: Some months yes! I’ve had some kick-ass months where Stumbleupon, eHow and Digg really spiked up my traffic due to a cool post. Generally I hold steady between 300,000 to 500,000 page views per month. Through Google Analytics, I can track that each visitor goes to 3.28 pages per visit. The unique visitors number is incorrect – it should have been 152,500.Β  The best free stats tool that I’ve found is Google Analytics – there are better and more thorough tools out there, but they cost money. And I’m too cheap to pay for them. To answer if you should track your stats on your own blog – well, if you’re highly emotional or your self esteem depends on how many comments you get or how many vistors you get to your blog each day…then, no.

Q: Do you really have flat ears?
A: When I was a little girl, my mom used to tell me I don’t listen very well. I’m blaming that on my flat ears.


While in Boston, I got to enjoy a fab lunch at Myers+Chang, got to meet the Chang part of that equation – the lovely Joanne Chang, also owner of Flour Bakery


And food blogger/writer Jacqueline Church joined us for lunch too – in the photo below – that’s Joanne, me, Jacqueline and Grace.


More on Myers+Chang food in a later post…a sneak peek….PORK BELLY BUNS!

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