Bring home the bacon, baby!

Scott is a semi-professional poker player -and I say “semi” because:

a) he’s got a computer business he tends to 10am-6pm and he plays poker in the evening after the boys go to bed

b) I think my mother would freak out if she thought my husband, the man of the house, provided for the family with proceeds from gambling because that “G” word is an evil word that forces people into uncontrollable addictions and bankruptcies. We’ll lose everything we have and OMG be forced to eat canned meats, buy single-ply toilet paper and give up Haagen Daz for the rest of our lives. Oh. The. Horror.

But in reality, we’ve lived off his poker earnings for the past 4 years. Scott is awesome at poker, and he treats his game just like a business, constantly tracking ROI, his play stats and making sure to never dip above 5% of his bankroll in any given day. He’s got a system down that I would never be able to understand. The man has self control like I’ve never seen before. Would it help to know that he went to West Point Military Academy for college and continued on in the Army as some leader dude of a bunch of big green tanks? He’s a TRAINED SOLDIER.

We could not be more opposite…let me give you an example:

Jaden on hour 1, day 1 of diet: Chocolate? I smell chocolate. Where? Where? Who’s got chocolate? Don’t make me reach down your throat and tie your esophagus in a knot. I NEEEEEEED CHOOOOOCCCOOOOLLAAAATTTTEE. GIMMMMMMEEEEEEE. NOOOOOWWWWW.

Scott on day 12 of a 5-day fast: FORCE FIELD. ACTIVATED.



The best part of his military precision, is how Scott folds laundry:

FRONT VIEW:……………………………………………TOP VIEW:



nice, neat even rectangles. Very little deviation from shape or size. (the kids were wondering why I took a pic of their pajamas)

So, back to the story. Scott, my awesome trained-soldier, precision-folding, semi-professional poker playing husband, won a $10K entry into the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. So, he’s heading off to Vegas to play the big tournament, where first prize is something like $8 million.

The tournament is televised…well, they have the cameras rolling but it won’t be televised for a few weeks after that because all the super smart (BUT SOOOO UNSEXY) poker analysts have to go through the reels and pick out the highlights amongst the 7,000 players. And when they do….my husband will be wearing this shirt:

If any of you will be playing at the World Series of Poker and see this man:

Wearing that shirt above….

BACK THE HELL OFF! My baby’s bringing home $8 million!!


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