God and Buddha Keeping Me Real

It’s been an thrilling 24 hours, starting with a book signing at Barnes & Noble at 68th and Lexington in NYC – and seeing for the very very very first time, my cookbook in a bookstore.

A real book, done by me. In a real bookstore.

I saw. I cried. I took a photo.


Of course, I’ve seen the book up on Amazon.com and friends from around the world have sent me photos of my book in their bookstores, but since the book has been out, this was my very first time ever seeing it in person with my own two eyes.

Damn. I did good, real good. People around me at the store noticed the similarity between me and the gal on the jacket cover (except the gal on the jacket cover is 10 pounds lighter. That’s what writing a cookbook does to you.) and started congratulating me.

“Oh yes, that IS me!”

“Thank you, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the book!”

I gushed with joy.

I still had a couple of hours til the event started, so I hopped into a cab to grab some lunch with my publicist and her friend, Maria.

Into the cab I go, still smiling from ear to ear, barely able to keep my happy feet from doing a jig.

And then I looked at the back of my leg.

today show barnes noble

All morning long.

This sticker was on my ass.

There’s nothing like a 10-inch long sticker advertising your jean size to the world to keep life in check.

I see it’s a sign from God and Buddha to keep me humble.

And heck yeah, it worked.

Had a fantastic book signing, with a very very special little bugaboo who took his first subway ride of his life to come see me.

This little cutie:


Who’s mother is beautiful lady, Ms. Smitten Kitchen.


And before I go to have lunch with my buddy Mark of the Culinary Media Network, I’ll leave you with my segment on the Today Show this morning….MOMMY, I DID IT!!

click on photo below to get video clip!