Here’s to good friends

I never thought that I’d miss washing dishes in my kitchen…but after 12 days on the road, not only did I long for my own dish sponge (we all have personal relationships with our favorite dish sponge brand, right!? RIGHT!????) but I also missed my beloved rice cooker.

Of course I missed my children dearly…so much that we’re not gonna talk about that right now. But thank goodness for wonderful friends like Diane and Todd, who generously opened their home to host a party for me. The home was filled with good friends (do you see Matt and Adam in photo #2?), TONS of food (they cooked 8 dishes from my cookbook!) and a magical setting.


I’ve been waiting 3 years to meet this man. THREE YEARS. He’s as crazy as I thought he would be. And that’s his lovely wife to the right – she’s hilarious! Love them both. I told them my boys were going to marry their little girls.


Also got to see my blog-sistahs Jenny, Bee and Rachael. I love them too.


Diane even took time out to snap some photos of me…and since I didn’t really touch my camera that night, I have no photos of Diane or Todd myself (sad) but Clare made sure she snapped a photo of my hosts, including the very very handsome Mark.


Then off to San Francisco where I started the morning with an interview at KTSF, romped with great friends at the Foodbuzz Festival with these cool people. Breakfast with Foodbuzz was the best. It was the morning I decided that the best hangover cure was a Bacon Bloody Mary. I must give a big big shoutout and thank you to Stephanie of Wasabimon for driving Ms. Jaden and playing photographer.

Wait…is that David Chang of Momofuku in that photo below?! Why yes it is! More on that below.


In San Francisco, I also did a live television segment on View From the Bay where I cooked Firecracker Shrimp.

Little did I know the Boy Scouts were gonna be there in the live audience! I wanted to just hug them all.


Biggest surprise was that brand new author and very talented chef, David Chang of Momofuku was in the station as well and also cooking his ramen dish on TV. What a sweetheart. Stephanie and I hung out in the Green Room together with his co-author, Peter where he confessed that he was massively hung over. Something like 100 shots the night before. But doesn’t he look so happy here? He hides his hangover well. I want to cook for this man.


I also managed to pack in a mini high-school reunion and a cooking class at Sur La Table! Long time friends Irene and Maria came to the class and new friends Ben of Cooking With the Single Guy (dinner with Ben, Stephanie, Sean and Samantha was !$!@*# awesome!)


These people who came to the book signing at Omnivore were so precious – one even came and gave me home made hot sauce!


A big thanks for a city that I still call home…and an even bigger thanks to the companies who sent me hundreds of products to give away as prizes at goodie bags, including Scanpan, MacSpeech, Chefs Catalog, Pama, Sodastream, Vine Connections, Marky’s Caviar and Van Gogh Vodka.


And then…there’s Seattle…for next time…