Weird Food

David Lebovitz, posted the question: what is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? It’s a great read if you are currently dieting and need incentive to just drink a glass of water instead. In case you are a visual person and need photos, click on the links:

Here was my response to the question:

1) Shirako Soup at a Japanese sushi bar – its Cod fish sperm sac. Sushi chef say good for kinky kinky in bed. Did it work? No. All hype. Maybe a little barfy barfy in toilet but thats it. Photo of Cod Fish Sperm Sac (you know you want to click on that link to check it out)

2) I don’t know what the Vietnamese name for it is, but the duck egg with fetal duck still inside of it, totally formed with beak, feet, fur and all. Poached I think. Cut off the top of the egg shell, slurp out the remaining yolk/white and then scoop out the fetal duck and crunch and munch. Did I like it? No. I’d say that really grossed me out. Photo of Fetal Duck Egg Thingy

3) When we were little, Mom used to tell us to eat the Jelly soup. She called it Chinese Jelly. It took me 15 years to finally figure out what the Jelly was…..something about when the frogs spew eggs – the sac that the eggs all stay in is the “jelly.” Why on earth would my mother feed me such stuff? It really does explain my ability to touch my nose with my tongue. Photo of Frog Fallopian Tube Egg Jelly

4) The last time I went back to Hong Kong, my dad served an amazing feast to celebrate. Nothing says “Welcome to Hong Kong!” than a bowl of regurgitated bird saliva. Mmmm mmmm good. Now, I just want to know what my ancestors were snorting when they decided to climb up a dangerous mountainous cliff, scale the cave wall, sneak in and steal a bird’s nest, shimmy on down, run home and pick out the unwanted twigs to be left with the prize…..a glob of bird vomit that holds the nest together. Hmmm…lets make SOUP! Lets charge $1000 a pound for bird spit! Lets tell people its supposed to help your skin complexion! I think I’ll stick with my Oil of Olay. Smells better. Photo My Peeps Enjoying a Bowl of Bird Vomit

I’m curious to know if you can top any of those!?! Leave a comment!