‘Twas the day before Christmas…

‘Twas the day before Christmas, it was busy in the kitchen,
The prime rib a roastin’ had the house smell bitchin’.

The turkey for smoking was brining with great care,
In hopes it would be juicy without depending on just a prayer.

The family wrapped presents, and hid them under the bed,
With visions of brioche dancing in their heads.

When out on the porch there arose such a flurry,
It was the Fedex man, making a final delivery.

Away to the door, I flew like a flash,
Handed him a tip with a wad of cash.

Tore open the box, it was from my friend Chef Dave at Earthy,
Oh, what was in the surprise box, was I worthy?

Drum roll….



A lump of coal?

Black Oregon Truffle

Squeal! Joy! My giddiness out of control.

A black Oregon truffle, so big I could sing!

Black Oregon Truffle

And maybe even worth more than my wedding ring.

Black Oregon Truffle

What to make? Lobster? Risotto? Maybe roast pork?
Whatever the dish, just wanted to wish, a late Merry Christmas from the big dork.