My First Article for Well Fed Network

I’m now a writer for Well Fed Network! Base My first article, Big on Base, is featured on and I’ve been an avid reader of their website and very happy to join their team. I’ve been on the Internet since the days of 14.4 dialup speeds. I used to work for an Internet company back in the day when I sat in a meeting with prior to their launch and they pitched to us that they were the next big thing. Little did we know back then. <DUH> shoulda jumped ship and joined their team! Or at least I shouldn’t have snickered after the meeting, “Ha! Sell books online? But you can’t see even see the cover of the books!” (back then, Amazon was text only) Ok, bad juju on my part. So even after all these years of being an advocate of the Internet, this is actually the first time that I’m contributing to an online publication. It feels so good to connect with other people all around the world and create great energy around something we are all passionate about. My love for food led to teaching cooking classes, which led to publishing recipes for my students, which led to posting it online for convenience, which led to interest in food photography, which led to realizing, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this and I’m having fun,” which led to late nights and many bottles of wine consumed. Well, the wine really has nothing to do with this, but I just naturally curl up on the couch with my laptop and a glass of wine balanced precociously between the side of the couch and my knee. I wonder where I’ll go with this culinary adventure….its so exciting to be a part of your lives.